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A few days back, I'd gotten a TH Professional 200M for cheap, due to its condition and missing lume on the bezel at the 12 o'clock mark, I don't care about the missing lume, but I will have the battery changed and polished//buffed to restore it to a semblance of its former glory. It's gonna be my daily driver, one that I'd not be afraid to bang up, lost or stolen....

I'd ordered a Seiko Prospex Alpinist Ginza Limited Edition watch a while back, it arrived earlier today, it's a beaut, I fell in love with the gorgeous dial and just had to have it.

The Tag Heuer just came back after a polish and battery change, looks good and IS good to go for the next 2-3 years.... ;)

A watch that's seen better days...the strap is new though. I'd thought it was platinum, but it's 'white gold'.

A shot of the back case, beautiful watch, I blacked out the serial numbers....don't want fakes showing up with exact serial numbers.

Bought this on Vacation a few months ago...



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