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[IC] AKI-S 65% | Renovated #1 | New info much amazing, so wow [21/4/21]

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Development Log on #2, if you want to know more about behind the scene of the project.

ISS ver. Typing demo:
00:44​​ Marshmallow w/TT DL 65 (Lubed with 205g0 and LSD) | 02:53​​ Holy Panda w/TT DL 70 (Lubed with 205g0 and LSD) |
05:01​​ Zykos w/TT DL 63.5+ (Lubed with 205g0 and LSD) | 07:00​​ and one more thing

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IC form
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Form status: Closed

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Hi! AKI-S is the first project that I'm fully involved in and calls are mainly made by me (while BOCC was collaboration with a friend). I chose to use AKI as my signature as it represents 2 of my favorite elements, Japanese culture and Autumn. Upon entering the custom scene, trying different kinds of layouts, I found that 65% is the one that I find it most likable. It's compact, it's packed with necessary utility that I wouldn't need to compromise too much by re-programming the needed keys. In light of that, I chose to use 65% as my first project.

As for the series code: S. It represents another element I like the most - snowflake. This is also the reason why the bottom weight engraving will be a snowflake. Combining the 3 favorite elements of mine into one, I hope this board will become something much more than what's given to it.

Design inspiration
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MoreI adore sleek, seamless and timeless design. Although I'm not a car enthusiast, I've always liked the design of sport cars, namely Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini. With that in mind, I hope to create a board that resembles the slim, streamlined design that we can always see from sport cars, or more precisely, luxury cars. I want this board to be unique in terms of aesthetics, no matter its when in use - front face, or for displaying purpose.

I opt in for a symmetric blocker design. This means that there will be less flexibility in customizing the bottom row because of the fixed bottom row layout. The reason behind this is that its all about sleek, streamlined and visually homogeneous. Symmetric blockers seem to fit the theme better. I understand that there will be compromises for those who use winkey a lot. I, myself too. The bright side is that we can always program the board to our liking!

Why no blocker, why no gasket
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MoreThere have been a lot of upper right blocker 65 recently. Although it is a great way to express the uniqueness of a board, I'd like to spice it up and refrain from adopting the prevalent expression; instead, I added an accent bar that is embedded in the top case, hoping to accentuate the sport car theme better, as if its a back-light from the rear of a fancy sport car. To further complement the case, we will offer a, if not several choices of stickers for you to complement the top case with some styles.

Gasket has been a heavily appreciated addition to the custom scene in the recent blooming community. I personally believe that a stronger and robust mounting system with solid case enclosure design will help alleviate the typing experience over adding a few gasket rubbers here and there to reduce the possible reverbs caused from typing. And thus gasket rubbers will not be adopted for this kit.


Black case | Red middleweight + accent bar + bottom weight + metallic sticker | GMK Sumi

courtesy of GMK Sumi runner, FaKe_VirTual

click below to see more renders
MoreBlack case | Red middleweight + accent bar + metallic sticker + bottom weight | GMK Dracula

White case | Silver middleweight | Copper accent bar + bottom weight | GMK Noel

PC case | Gold middleweight + accent bar + bottom weight + metallic sticker | GMK Serika

White top + PC bottom case | Black middleweight + accent bar + bottom weight | GMK Apollo

Silver case | Gold middleweight + accent bar + bottom weight + metallic sticker | KAT Oasis

courtesy of KAT Oasis runner, JSaintS and amazing render from Manzel

No, bottom weight brass would most probably be gold color

Side view

Exploded View
outdated (please refer to 22nd Aug Development log)

AKI-S FF Edition (Friends and Family)
White Case | Black middleweight + accent bar | GMK Bleached

It'll only be available to friends & family and
4 spots allocated to public via treasure hunt - 2 of which were already taken in our Discord server;
(stay tuned for updates on Discord server)
1 spot allocated to GMK Bleached milestone prize (taken)

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What's Next
☑ Confirm with factory with the blueprint
☑ Gather interests and make necessary amendments if any
☑ Confirm and finalise the details of the GB
☑ Proceed to manufacture prototype
☐ Final updates with regard to the board blueprints and GB details
☐ Proceed to GB

Update Summary:


* Added typing demo, IRL pictures
* Added Development Log

Update Log:

* 17-2-2020 - added a bottom weight render | streamlined the contents
* 19-2-2020 - added signature banner
* 20-2-2020 - added more renders | refined inside corner | refined bottom weight design
* 25-2-2020 - added PC renders | finalizing color options (should be ano Black, ano Silver, e-White) | communicating with factories, changes here and there are being made (mainly internal)
* 26-2-2020 - added IC form
* 28-2-2020 - finalized some of the GB details
* 3-3-2020 - announcement of FF edition | prototype status
* 20-3-2020 - updated GB details | added renders | added product page
* 25-5-2020 - added proto pics | updates
* 9-7-2020 - revamped #1 | placed R2 proto | GB details update
* 21-8-2020 - R2 prototype | development log
* 21-4-2021 - Streamlined #1, information | development log

Possible FAQ

--- Quote ---When are you expecting to hold this GB?
--- End quote ---

At the moment, please allow me to finish fulfilling the GB orders of BOCC. I'm holding this IC because it takes at least a month, if not months to finalize the details on everything, and at the moment, besides waiting for the factories to resume to their work stations after the coronavirus outbreak, I could only plan things ahead so I could smoothen the experience and get things done quicker when the BOCC GB is concluded. Back to the question, there is no set time frame as of now until I'm satisfied with the prototype.

--- Quote ---Can you take away the bottom left engraving?
--- End quote ---

That isn't an engraving, instead, it's a metallic sticker. It is an add-on that can be purchased when you joined the GB. Now we offer an option for you to choose whether you want it to be engraved onto the top case or not.

--- Quote ---Will there be full brass version?
--- End quote ---

Not at the moment. I'm pretty sure its already pretty heavy with the middle and bottom brass weight on its own.

--- Quote ---Will there be another future run for this if I missed the GB?
--- End quote ---

It depends on the reception of the board. If there is a lot of demands for the board, I'm flattered and would be happy to bring it back.

Special thanks to
Kingk22 for the mental and physical support
Whimsy Cult for the ever so supportive vibe that drives me to push this through
My fellow HKers who've been supportive from the beginning of the day we met[/list]

↓↓↓ Prototype pictures under Development Log ↓↓↓

Development Log
log date: 21st Apr, 2021

After 8 months of silence, the wait is almost over.

I've switched a new factory, a more reputable and reliable one, and had placed a batch order with them, thus the in stock sale version. The quality of the boards are top notch, all the concerns, problems and issues I had with previous factory were eviscerated. So here are some of the updates I made with the design features I added and dropped, that will eventually go through to the GB phase.

- sEaMleSs, well its a very well used term these days, but yea, its now screw-less from the outer case, its more aesthetically pleasing to look at
- taking away engraving option for GB spots, because I topped the cap, thats why
- streamlined the internal designs, such as adding locking pillars for better assembling experience; cleaner bottom case, middle frame design that would be more manufacturing-friendly, as well as assembly-friendly

Some thoughts about the in stock batch:

After vigorous testing with 3 builds, here are some of the thoughts and updates -

There are several problems, not a big one, fixable; illustrated as follows,
1. the cable length that connects daughter board and PCB is too short, it takes too much effort to connect them together
2. JWK stab v2 doesnt fit with my current plate set up, the hole of my plate is just too tight; even v1 or GMK stab fits just about right into the hole
3. hole being too tight and small, making it possible to hinder the feedback/re-bounce of stab wire, resulting it in a shortened keystroke
basically these 3 main issues, otherwise all good

1. they are pretty nice
2. linear typing sound is comparable to my fav board - Vega/Polaris
3. HP and Zykos sounds pretty nice as well

That's about it. I'd like to thank you for those who have been patiently, or impatiently waiting for this project to come to fruition. We hope that when you receive the kit, assemble it and you will enjoy it as much as I do.

log date: 22nd Aug, 2020

Since I'm inevitably going to place R3 prototypes, regardless of which factory I'm going for. So I may as well make this announcement.

Originally, I was planning to do this when/if there is R2 of AKI-S. I've already planned this, even ahead of R1 GB. I didn't want to do this because I thought it would not only require me to financially invest more into the project, but also it will stall the GB further if I cannot pull this off perfectly with only one round of prototyping; and that the current version works perfectly - if they were prototyped properly.

So what am I talking about? I'm talking about redesigning AKI-S. DON'T PANIC.

I'm not redesigning the whole thing, like scraping the whole idea, nor the aesthetic of the board will face a big change. What's gonna be changed, or rather, a more appropriate term of phrase would be streamlined, is as follows (please note that the following are merely concepts that I'm trying to make it happen, they are subject to change),

1. Screw-less, which means you will not see the screw holes from outer case.
2. Streamlining the internal designs to make it more clean
3. Layered bottom weight

All of which will affect every bits of the blueprints we currently have. From the blueprint of the case itself, to the PCB, they all would require overhaul redesign. I will try my best to do what's best for the community. As a board that symbolizes the start of my own project, I will make sure its perfect and up to my own standard - which can be witnessed through in the development log I will be updating in the subsequent weeks.

log date: 21nd Aug, 2020

I'm writing this with heavy heart because I'd never think that I would need to start a development log for a single kit. Although I never want to overestimate the factory's efficiency and my ability to make a perfect kit right off the bat, I'd never imagine a prototype phase that would cost me 4 months of waiting and 8 disappointing kits, in total.

Am I thinking to switch another factory? Yes. But I will address that someday later in another development log. Let me focus on what's wrong with the R2 prototypes.

First off, the most obvious, but also most dumbfounded part for me was that, R2 prototype is essentially the same as R1. Yes, you heard me right, t h e   s a m e.

Hear me out, I will address it, hopefully, in an orderly fashion.

So, after R1 prototype, I understood what's wrong on my side, I improved upon it. I was not specific enough with my instructions (maybe), so I tried to make it better when I placed R2 order. From [figure 1], you could see that the scale of which the R2 instruction table (bottom) is entirely different from the first attempt (top). The instructions were so specific to a point I told them step by step how it should be done, from a factory perspective.

Changes that should have been made in R2 prototype:
A) Fill up the hole that is sitting on top of the USB-C daughter board pod
B) Increase the height of the overall board by 0.3mm (superficially speaking)
C) Simplify weight design by taking away the logo and keyboard name

From [figure 2], you can tell that R2 prototype (left) didnt reflect what was suppose to be (right). It essentially means that the R2 prototype is actually the same as R1 structurally beside the engraving of "Prototype MKII" on the bottom case.
Factory side also committed several, if not a lot of discernable mistakes, which are
A) Color mismatch [figure 3, 4]
(Yes, I'm aware that Pantone color for metal chip should be referencing TPM, well, different factory has different approach; and that colors IRL are vastly different from HEX code. But factory guy himself had already admitted this was their fault on their end.)
B) Didn't make 2 plates (according to the instructions given) [figure 5]
C) Didn't produce the accents and weight as per request [figure 6]
D) Didn't hand polish the sidelines to make the watermark less visible [figure 7]
E) Broken promise of 2 weeks of fulfillment, instead it took 1.5 months

Quality check from factory side is also very concerning
A) Accent bars are not well polished [figure 8]
B) Noticeable scratch on PVD accents, top case and middle weight [figure 9]
C) Unknown marks on PC case [figure 10]

Thought on R2 prototype:

The good:
- PVD coating seems marginally better than R1
- Multi-Coated color of accent bar and weight were done right

The bad:
- Wasted 1000+ on prototypes that doesnt help push forward GB progress
- Wasted 4 months of time and let the hit die (although this project didnt receive that much attention on GH :kekt: )
- Didn't execute the instructions properly made me very furious
- IDK, I'm just broke at this point, mentally and financially.


Pending to talk to those c--ts about their faults and cannot wait to throw the file I've compiled to their face and see how those motherf--kers would react.

Practical solution:
- Swap factory (ideally)
- Current factory offers generous compensations
- Catch up on the progress (which is most important)

figure 1

figure 2

figure 3

figure 4

figure 5

figure 6

figure 7

figure 8

figure 9

figure 10

log date: 25nd May, 2020

1. although without PCB, the sound is pretty nice with cherry black
2. there are some alarming issues, which will be elaborated in the following
3. the overall finish is pretty nice, although I'm not quite satisfied
4. further testing with PCB on it will be required in order to fully test the feasibility of the project
5. engrave is alright
6. accent bar is naturally bent because of how thin it is; but after installing it properly, it is flattened and does not look bent when in use
7. factory has made **** tons of mistakes and it made me pissed

1. accent bar is too close to the caps, you might say its tenderly kissing the top of the cap, I will have to make adjustment around that
2. factory didnt standardize the standards for manufacturing bottom weight and accent bar due to the nature of electrophoresis finish; this would require further discussion with factory to streamline the design and manufacture process

--- Quote ---this results in the fact that this white case has no bottom weight and can only pair with red accent bar (factory's fault)
--- End quote ---
3. I've left a hole on top of USB-C port because I'm not sure whether PCB will hit the bottom case if I fill it up, it will be tested when the proto PCB arrives

1. I will possibly order another prototype after I do all the necessary adjustment, which means the GB date will very likely be pushed back; I want it to be perfect, not half baked, so sorry for those who are eagerly waiting for it to start
2. At the end of the day, when the GB ends, I might just sell this off as B stock because I have no use nor space to keep them

R2 Prototype pics:

E-Black | Multi-Coated PVD Mirror Polished

E-White | Purple Blue PVD Mirror Polished Accent

R1 Prototype pics:

nice renders, pls gib

Sexy sides

me need, plz gib


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