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Welcome everyone to the interest check for GMK Heartland!This is a set inspired by the American Midwest, specifically around the harvest season.Growing up in the Midwest, I always thought it was boring. Now, after studying in a big city, I have realized that (although, admittedly, it is still boring)the Midwest has a comforting kind of beauty that I have tried my best to convey through this set.Please take a couple minutes to fill out this IC Form (even if you are not interested, please still fill it out. All feedback helps):
BEAK 6.5 by Stilou Studio
Portico by TheKey.Company
Iron180 by Smith+RuneThis is an environmental scene rendered using an HDRI, so it has not been color corrected. Therefore, colors are not accurate.ColorsRAL 8001: Represents crops ready to harvest.GMK BR1: Represents the soil that the crops grow in.RAL 3011: Represents the changing colors of the leaves as autumn progresses.RAL 6035: Represents the leaves that have not yet begun changing.RAL 1006: Represents ripe crops, as well as the sunlight that helps to grow them.Please keep in mind that RAL colors are physical colors, and so they are difficult to represent in a digital context.Colors in renders have been color corrected to the best of my abilities (Unless otherwise mentioned), but different lighting conditions, environment, etc. can affect how the colors appear.All renders were created with the Blender 4.2 beta release, making use of the new Khronos PBR Neutral tone mapping, in order to obtain the most realistic results. However, as mentioned, these colors should still be taken with a grain of salt.Pricing and VendorsTo be announced if there is enough interestThank you for your time! I have put a lot of work into this, and I am excited to share it with the world and see where it goes.If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just wish to reach me more directly, feel free to message me on Discord @eforb13Thanks again - EFTo-DoMore
* More renders
* Create a Discord server (If people are interested)ChangelogMore17 June 2024: IC Published
17 June 2024 (Later): Kitting changes and fixes (Suggested by comments and IC Form feedback), (Maybe temporarily) removed novelties, changed logo colors

You've a second B in base but no alice bars, this isn't using standard colours so there's no way to obtain bars to make use of the second B.

For your enter keys you have accent and modifier coloured for ANSI but alpha and modifier for ISO, seems a bit odd?

I think there is way too many kits here. You probably won't reach moq on two base kits, especially with custom colours. My advice would be to take out one of the base kits and modifiers and just have a green base kit and red modifiers so you can still have both without having so many kits, otherwise this project is gonna be dead on arrival.

Kitting needs some work too what no style said is correct but also there is no alpha pipe and mod tilde, also if you probably should add numpad = key if your gonna keep 00 key. Finally no mx hhkb support but that's not that big of a deal since there is no spacebars kit atm (and I whine about people not adding it way to much lol)


Dunno... Seems a bit corny.



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