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[IC] iF Keyboard Kit by Castle Bravo Studio


by Castle Bravo Studio
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- Modules
- Structure
- Colorways
- Specifications
- Pricing and Vendors

Hello, everyone. This is ClickClack. We're introducing a new project named iF, which we started following 2.5 years ago. At the inception of the iF design, Castle Bravo Studio prioritized practicality and user experience. Considering the varying key requirements for different software and games, this setup can be effectively utilized across numerous fields.


Toggle Switch
Simplified Operation: The toggle switch significantly simplifies operations, allowing quick left-right toggling with a single finger for tasks such as switching songs, browsing photos, and navigating slideshows. This is more convenient compared to using the arrow keys on a keyboard.
Customizable Functions: The switch can be customized for various functions, providing convenient operation for more application scenarios, such as binding keys for specific applications for quick actions.
Superior Tactile Feedback: Compared to touch screen interactions, the physical buttons offer irreplaceable tactile feedback, making blind operation more convenient to let the user focus more on their screen.

Linear Encoder: The knob uses a damped encoder, offering strong directional feedback suitable for various user scenarios.
Customizable Functions: By default, it adjusts the volume. However, users can utilize VIA to customize different inputs. The knob works perfectly with the encoder, achieving secure locking without screws.
NFC Integration: Supports NFC scanning to activate iOS shortcuts and other functions. Users can scan the keyboard's NFC tag with their phone to set corresponding actions through shortcuts, enabling interactions with smart home devices and quick operations. Future developments may unlock additional interesting functionalities.

Quick Action
All-New Quick-Action: Multifunctional button for customizable shortcuts with a quick touch.

Fingerprint Module
Fingerprint Module: Supports Windows Hello for fast computer unlocking. Setup is simple and quick, with Windows Hello native support and payment-grade security.
Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0 supported.


This design has matured with the development of gasket structures in recent years. It isolates the inner frame from the case, reducing unwanted rebound and noise caused by resonance.

Exploded View

Anodized Purple:

Anodized Silver:

Anodized Navi Blue:

Anodized Black:

Anodized Wine Red:

Coating White&Black:

More Photos:


Layout: 75%
Material: Aluminum
Plate: FR4(Flex-cut), POM(Non-flex Cut), Aluminum(Flex-cut)
Connection: Wired, Bluetooth
Driver: Supporting VIA
Battery: 1200mAh
PCB: 1.6mm Uncut Hotswap (Indicator Lights included on PCB and DB)
Typing Angle: 7, Front height 20mm
Surface Treatment: Anodized/Coating
Weight: ~1.3kg


What's Included?

Multimedia modules (including NFC chip)
Hotswap PCB
FPC Cable
Foam set(Poron foam, PE foam)
Gaskets set

Excludes: switches, keycaps, stabilizers.

Pricing and Vendors
Estimated Price: TBD

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I know at least one guy who will get this just because of the fingerprint sensor

Tbh I love this. Windows & IOS Integration on a Keeb? Yes pls. Also 75's rule lol. I hope we keep seeing more from this project.


--- Quote from: Randomlosername on Tue, 02 July 2024, 13:47:35 ---Tbh I love this. Windows & IOS Integration on a Keeb? Yes pls. Also 75's rule lol. I hope we keep seeing more from this project.

--- End quote ---
Thank you and we have updated some prototype pictures

This is lowkey kinda cool! The finger print sensor + knobs = ;D


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