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I thought it might be nice to have a thread where people can post their ideas for custom keycaps as opposed to everyone making their own interest check threads. Plus its always nice to see the development of an idea into a final product and this will hopefully serve as springboard for new ideas and future groupbuys.

I guess I will start it off.

I had posted an interest check awhile back about a fingerprint key and there was moderate interest so here it is again.
[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 36538[/ATTACH]

Anyways I look forward to seeing what everybody comes up with :bounce:


--- Quote from: ripster;482604 ---Whatever happened to pedo bear key?  He seems to have reached clipart status.
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--- End quote ---

Holy Crap! Thats hilarious.

I have a few dream ones, but I am pretty sure nowhere near enough people would want them to make them feasible cost wise.
1. doubleshots 37 set with Russian Cyrillic legend ONLY, no Latin, aligned bottom right, bright orange on cream. Instead of arrow, the extra 4 would be cream on orange for the цфыв keys.
2. 104 US ANSI doubleshot set done up typing tutor style, with CMYK colorway, cyan on black for vowels, magenta on black for consonants, yellow on black for punctuation and numbers, black on c,m,y for different keys for rest. All in some custom font, maybe kravitz rounded.

Of course there is a lot of random 'novelty' type ones I think would be amusing, but pretty much always in passing. Hammer and Sickle modifier yellow on red is still one I have been wanting for a while though as winkey replacement.

I think that #2 would look especially good on Dvorak, where all the vowels are in a row.

Also, I have no use for it (I never type in anything cyrillic) but would look awesome.

Whiskerbox: I thought the fingerprint one was too detailed to do with SP's equipment as a doubleshot? It'd be a great keycap, nontheless.

Me, My "idea" was to make a glider keycap, but I got that in round4. I sholud still tell 7bit that he should change all my 30+ to spherical ones, 'cause spherical glider would be better, in my opinion.

Star wars, memes, women and brands :3


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