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Re: Custom Keycap Ideas Thread - all ideas welcome
« Reply #1300 on: Fri, 20 January 2023, 15:04:10 »
i want to try my hand at design, but for some reason i feel lost as to where to even begin (or i could be getting way ahead of myself when i dont even have a rough draft yet)
there are a couple of things i'm wondering about regardless, so if anyone has answers or insight i'd appreciate it a lot
  • would pmk's templates be useable with other manus, should i get to that point? i want to have cuneiform sublegends, so kle definitely doesn't have support for that really works as long as it's a unicode char wao why did i not realize that sooner. i'm thinking it'd also be pretty useful when it comes to novelties too
  • is metallic-looking plastic possible? what sort of colour codes or specifications should i be looking into if i want to achieve that?
  • assuming a gb goes through and moqs are hit, do designer(s) at least break even? including pre-ic and prototyping costs

fiddled around in kle for a bit since posting, modelled after gilgamesh. i personally find yellow (and in extension, gold) incredibly hard to work with as a main colour, and i was thinking a bit about how neat metallic legends would look, hence the question above, but maybe red is fine too? it's certainly one of gil's secondary image colours
tho i didnt put too much thought into the sublegends other than the numbers since i'm no historian and i dont know a lick of sumerian/akkadian aha
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