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Cream Clickiez initial opinions
« on: Wed, 01 March 2023, 10:22:33 »
What's up, it's ya boy, Caesar, back with the clicky reviews.
In all seriousness in anticipation for the Mode Envoy coming up I decided I needed to finally cave and choose a linear switch to put in a board (One that wasn't raccoon themed, the trash pandas in my QK don't count >:L ) Of course since I'm the kind of guy that loves unique switches instead of reliably good switches or the 1500th JWK recolor long pole linear, I went searching for something a bit out there. That's when a friend of mine recommended Novelkeys' new "Cream Clickies" switches (Which combines my two biggest pet peeves of NK's habit of calling everything "cream ____" and ZealPC's Gorillaz esque naming of their Clickiez switches) Names aside they proposed an interesting thesis with this switch. What if linear... but clicky. No tactile bump, no sharp drop, just the smooth ear splitting noise of a clicky switch to annoy your co-workers and roommates with. So, I purchased enough for a full 65 (As well as a gacha switch box from NK which has to be the most piss weak disappointment gamble I've ever taken, would not recommend) and fast forward to last week they arrived on my doorstep (Along with tecsee coral switches which were as interesting to me as drinking paint)
Now onto the review part of this review.
Starting off with the sound, initial sound tests made me wary of these switches. The video I saw made them sound high pitched, annoying, worse than a click bar switch, and seeing how these switches cost just shy of a dollar per switch (Still cheaper than anything on Zeal's website) if I was paying for the pleasure of having my ear holes assaulted by millions of baby snapple caps crying out for their father I'd probably take a long time afterward reconsidering my financial decisions with a bottle of rum. Good news is, they don't sound terrible! Currently having them mounted in my Mode65, they sounds deeper than you'd expect, and it's a really pleasant sound. Not as deep or full as Zeal PC clickiez, but comparing plate springs to click leaves is like comparing apples to oranges. Overall I'd definitely say they surpassed expectations.
Moving on to tactility, there is none! None whatsoever, only the extremely smooth glide of a top tier linear that everyone seems to love so much. Personally, I'm linear blind. All linears feel the same to me. Nothing differentiates my Trash Pandas from whatever "Super lubed alps contactless mag lev 10/10 NOS vintage in box" linears. That being said. These are smooth. Smooth enough for me to make note of it. Now personally I don't really notice a difference between linears, side by side they'd feel just as serviceable as any other linear, but isolated I can definitely say, they are smooth, and other sources back that up so I'm sticking with it. Worth mentioning if you're used to clicky switches is, in relation to the lack of tactile bump, my first time typing on it my brain kept expecting it to be there. It's comparable to when you think there's an extra step on the stairs, and when it isn't there your brain reboots for a second.

Finally we come to criticisms, and this one is a doozy so sit down, buck up, and prepare your anus for a shocker, a real terrible revelation. They bind. An MX platform switch, binds, and frequently. Any off center key press? Binding. Hit the stabilized switches off? Bind city. Want to use the number row? How about you bind instead. Now I make it sound bad but it is extremely noticeable, and an MX platform switch binding is almost inexcusable.  To put it in perspective for those who've used them, I have NOS mitsumi mini mechs. I'm not going to say they bind worse than MMM, but they bind way more frequently, and they fail where MMM succeed by binding on stabilized switches. Even mini mechs go down smooth as hell on any switch with a stabilizer. Not Cream Clickies. Now you can almost always press the switch down, it's not the absolute lock up of MMM but it's still the definitive achilles heel of this switch.

Overall I'm satisfied with this switch, but it's got some massive drawbacks that are near deal breakers for me.
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