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Update 2023-06-30: PSA Regarding Mechs & Co and Vendor Group Buys

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--- Quote from: Rhienfo on Thu, 02 November 2023, 17:33:23 ---Was already posted in the gmk nord thread but thought would post the reddit thread here.

Reddit thread saying that MK Ultra has shut down

pretty self explanatory, just want to add that apparently he had no money to refund people, so chargeback immediately as you likely won't be getting the items you ordered or your money back from him directly.

--- End quote ---

Just want to add that, while this MKUltra situation sucks, it was first announced in April.

The Reddit post linked above says that in MKUltra’s April 2023 Reddit update "the store owner (Erik) announced that the shop would be closing down as soon as possible, citing health reasons" and contains a link to that post -

The first Q&A point in Erik's April Reddit post:

"But why? This doesn't make any sense and isn't fair to people who paid full price.
Prior to making the decision to mark everything to factory price, I had contacted a number of vendors to see if they would buy out inventory or the entire operation. 100% of those vendors refused and most gave the impression they would rather eat popcorn and wait for fireworks. While this could be paranoia or trying to justify the decision, one of those vendors actually said as much and the others had similar vibes. At the end of the day I decided it should be the customers who benefit from the store closing, rather than benefit other vendors."

In addition to the April GMK Norde post mentioned above, this shutdown was brought up more recently in the GMK Swiss Addon Kit thread -

lando langston:
This service is really not good. You need to be informed in advance before anything happens.

I wanted to thank Novelkeys for the amazing job that they have done. for me this hobby is dead and i would have been completely out if it wasnt for novelkeys. I just got all of my MW heresy order including the artisan and i had 100% given up on it. thank you novelkeys and you got a customer for life.


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