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For any Mac users out there, proposing a white-on-black, window-sized (1.25 unit) key with the Apple '⌘' Command symbol. Honestly wasn't sure which placement would be best, so it's currently just centered, thoughts?

To pre-order, see the double-shot round 3 thread and vote:
(where # is the number of keys you want)

Side note: also ordering 25 black-on-yellow 1unit keys with just the word 'LONG', for anyone that's interested, it should come out to .40 a key. (order-id, LONGKEY)

I can't open the svg, so what are the proposed colors? If it's a black-on-white deal I'd be interested. Anything else I might still be interested, just let me know!

I like the centered idea best, off center wouldn't look as good imo.

more infor plz

That's what she said.


--- Quote from: keyboardlover;307319 ---That's what she said.
--- End quote ---

Can we do a group buy on women that go both ways? My girlfriend has repeatedly refused even if I've found girls that are down. SIGH. Life is hard.

I like the idea of both on the same key, though. But I think the command would look better on my white filco.


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