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Mistakes as csmertx
« on: Sat, 23 April 2022, 19:10:52 »
Over the course of several months I've compiled a list of my WTF posts/replies as csmertx. 

I'd rather acknowledge my mistakes than go back and edit posts.. so here goes

Post in which I said I've looked in to eyes of evil or something like that
I forget who I was talking to, but it doesn't really matter.  Even a few minutes later I couldn't believe I type out something so dumb.

Post about IBM model plate color and brought up copper brazing for some reason
Apologies to Chyrosran22.  I honestly thought I was providing a meaningful contribution to the conversation.  I was not.  I had no idea what I was talking about.

Post about Home Labs

I shared a Wacom drawn illustration of a really low powered home lab fantasy.  Which was really dumb.  The cartoon aspect added additional stupidity to the post.  This was in a thread of people sharing their rack mounted configurations, what was I thinking?

Post about a dream in which LLT (Linus Tech Tips/Linus Media Group) hook me up with a new laptop

I watched all of MST3K at least three times before it dawned on me that people generally don't like hearing about dreams.  And to be fair, I knew that the dream meant that the knowledge I've gained from the channel will help me along (it did).  I just wished I had elaborated on that--even if it was posted in Off Topic.

Post reply about a DIY cardboard keyboard
I was way too harsh, and not respectful of the effort involved.  Fire hazard?  Not nearly as bad as any off market 'hoverboard'.

Star Wars Rebel keyset
I spent 40+ hours working on renders and was worried about a rug pull.  Thankfully pwner has gone on to do some awesome stuff.

Post about audio connection cleaning

I believe this was a post created by fohat.digs.  I'm sorry.  I'm not a musician, and I should have left that post alone.

The Road Guide to Keyboarding (canoe logo thing)

Jesus Christ.  That was peak chronic unemployment.  I meant well, the info was correct, the links were legit, but I'd never used any of the keyboards mentioned in that 'road guide'.  Really bad form.  Just no.

For reference this was the image I made for that 'road guide' lol.. it's a canoe.. why did I call it a road guide?!

Mykill Myers music post

I um, was involved in sports as a kid.  As a teen I feel into aggressive inline skating (X-Games is a good example).  There was a LOT of random hip hop used in those inline videos, and Mykill Myers was featured at least once.  Some type of MTV special.  Anyway, if the lyrics offended anyone that was 16 at the time, I'm sorry.  I first heard it when I was 16, and wasn't offended, but that was me.

Open Source just read the code post (responding to tp4tissue?)
Maybe I should have said something like "ask your coding/programming friends if the code is ok", or something less abrasive.  I was frustrated, and not thinking clearly.

PiHole post
It's fine.  Thousands (millions?) of people use PiHole.  I have nothing against the project, and it's probably a good thing that the code points to a particular domain.  I honestly can't remember the purpose of the domain.  Probably to download latest database of something good to have.

Post about breaking a Craftsman socket
This was dumb too.  I broke a socket, but it was most likely from one of those drug store 50 part tool set specials.

In IRC responding about soldering

While my advice to buy a cheap DIY radio or something to practice on is probably fine, I hadn't soldered anything in at least a few decades.  Besides, even the advice might have been crap.  These days who is even making quality DIY radios?

Post regarding the color of the Filco SA set
My apologies to spamray.  I may have even locked the thread like a dink.  There were/are a few different runs of the SA Filco sets, and my main monitor had like 80% SRGB coverage (which is awful).

More than 2K post I'm sure there's something I missed
If you took offense to any of my replies or posts: I apologize.  I was in a really bad place, and there were times when it showed in my posts or replies.  I'll forever be a bit of a misfit, I can't change who I am, but that doesn't mean I am content with acting like an ******* or dink.

"He's just gonna use those porkchops for drugs"
It's true.  I would find a way to exchange those porkchops for at least one marijuana.  So uh, watch out for that.
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