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Since my Filco rules over the Scorpius M10 I bought, I fear I won't end up using it too often, so I started a little painting project with it. I went to Home Depot and bought some special plastic paint and gave the 'board a couple coats. After it dried I tried to chip off the paint to no avail. This finish looks like it may be very good. I'll fill all y'all in later on all the details later.

The thing about this keyboard as a project board is that the characters on the keys are raised so after they're painted, the markings are still visible, sort of like my HHKB Pro 2.

When do we get to see pics? :)


--- Quote from: zerogravitas;3690 ---When do we get to see pics? :)
--- End quote ---

And just what colour did you paint it?

In due time, friends, in due time.

you prefer the brown switches to the blue ones? I've never tried the brown ones, so i assume you prefer less clicky???


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