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Which M has best key feel?

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I've read several times that certain M's have a slightly better key feel. I'm using a 1993 M at the moment made by Lexmark. I seem to remember the early M's had a different feel and sound. If I want to find one of the earlier IBM keyboards, what should I look for? Model number, year built, etc...

All three of my Model M mini's feel the same.  (the newest was assembled just last fall)


Model number 1390120, 1390131, or 1391401. Those are the best three models, IMO (if you're looking for 101-key.)

My best keyboard for typing feel is a 1391401 built on June 3, 1993.

my 1391401 feels like crap at the bottom, but the top of the stroke is pretty nice. But the Filco is still the best for typing ...

i have two model M keyboards, made by lexmark, one is the M5-1 and the other the M5-2, the latter have better feeling, i assume because the M5-1 doesnt have two part pieces for the keys....


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