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Unboxing Steelseries 7G shots

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Not mine, and I don't expect a lot of oohs and aahs around here, just posting for general interest.

Maybe no oohs and ahhs, but I am interested in it, and we have to admit that it is a good looking keyboard. If it didn't have the Alps-style return key and if it was offered with other Cherry switches (we all know it has Cherry blacks), I'd buy one.

But then again, the design is a copycat of the Filco I am using at the moment, and I am not a hardcore / Karlito level gamer, so I don't think it has anything over the Filco Vastouch for me except extra connectivity. Plus, it has a larger footprint than the Filco and costs $10 or $15 less,

what switches this use?

Cherry linear black stem.

It wouldn't cost less than a Filco for me.  Retails at $180 in the UK not including postage.


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