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Problem with Apple Extended Keyboard II


I use an Apple Extended II with an iMate on a Powerbook G4.
The problem is that a lot of times when I type a W, it comes up twice. This is extremely annoying when I close tabs or windows in a program because it closes 2 of them. When I reconnect the cable of the keyboard, it usually solves the problem for a little bit.
Do you think that this is a software/hardware/iMate problem? How can I resolve this? Thanks

I'd blame the iMate. I have one and have used it a lot in the last couple months and I actually have to disconnect the keyboard in order to shut down my MacBook. Thinking of picking up a new Alps keyboard because of it.

alright thanks for the reply

On the "thetalkshow" the guy says that he replaced his 14 year old Extended Keyboard II after he started getting duplicate E's. So that seems like the same problem that I am having.


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