Author Topic: LEPA G-series 850W PSU on sale for 109.00 and free shipping at NCIX  (Read 496 times)

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In case anyone else's PSU recently took a dump like mine did, found a rather ridiculous price on this unit at NCIX this week for 109 bucks and free shipping ....

LEPA G-Series 80+Gold Certified is a Channel Well rebrand rather than an Enermax, but has been reviewed well enough to run with the big boys Corsair, Seasonic, etc. in terms of build quality, and Lepa G-series is listed among the Tier 1 choices for recommended PSU's.  Semi -modular unit is small enough to fit almost any case at 160mmX150X86  and has a 140 mm fan, which is nice if you like QUIET.   Usually priced upwards of $150, this is a steal and the shipping costs also help a bit.  (There is a sales tax for California though, which will add about 10 bucks overall.)

 I went ahead and placed an order for one of these even though I was looking for a 750 watt PSU to replace my Thermaltake that my bf killed by blowing the fuse too many times.  It must have just gone on sale today, since I didn't see it at that price this whole week I have been looking for a decent PSU that isn't outrageously priced that will also fit in my case.  I just pray that they actually have it in stock like they claim rather than having to wait a month.  Still at that price, kinda worth the risk of waiting a few weeks anyway.  It was too good a deal to pass up.   

I am going to have to upgrade my rig to be needing anywhere close to 850 watts though.   All the psu calculation tools tell me different numbers ranging from 550 to 784 as suggested  minimums and only one was over 700w.... but a little overhead can't hurt too much I guess.

And there's this too: (yellow Ducky)
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