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Hey everyone!

Switchlab here and we would like to announce that Maclab Keycap set is now available for GB/Pre-order

The Inspiration

Design was inspired mainly from retro Macintosh keyboard legends and mods from the old school days of Apple. We wanted to keep it simple and minimal with the design and color choices. Design comes with 2 contrast colorways to choose from.

After much feedback and consideration, we have decided to keep the original placement of the Mac icons.
The ease of transition for users that utilize both OS frequently and who do not necessarily want to swap keyboard led to this decision..

GB Date - 29 Mar - 30 Apr
Fulfilment: Q2 2023

For those who knew me, I mostly did Deskmat designs and GB before I started out my own store under Switchlab a little over a year ago.
I've since ventured into keycap designs and worked with a manufacturer to launch a few sets through my store.

If you're wondering how the quality is compared to other PBT dye subs, you can check out a review and photoshoot with the links below for one of my designs.
I work closely with my manufacturer to ensure that the quality and standards meet our expectations.

Keycap review

Keycap Sample

Maclab Keycaps review by hi_keebs


PBT Dye Sub

Cherry Profile

1.7mm thickness

Dark or Light color theme






Light/Dark Base : $80
Bundle (Light + Dark) : $145


SEA/Rest of World - Switchlab


Interested in collaborations? Drop us a message on IG or Discord!

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Approved :thumb:


These legends are wrong everywhere in this set.  The ⌥ symbol should be used for Option/Alt while the ⌘ symbol is supposed to be on Command/Windows keys.
We've received a lot of feedback from Mac users to keep the legends and we feel that it does make sense for a seamless switch especially for both Win/Mac users.

We will be reviewing with the team and make a final decision in this thread. Thank you everyone for the support and feedback.


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