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FS or TRADE Kinesis Evolution split ergo white ALPS no shiny keys


Buy my keyboard. Save me from eBay. [strike]$500 [/strike] $360

Also will consider trade for one of these + 100 USD:
- a Topre board.
- a Kinesis Advantage USB Black

This is a black Kinesis Evolution, a split ergonomic keyboard that mounts on the arms of your chair for the most shoulder-relaxing and comfortable keyboard experience available, this side of Datahand.
[*]AT with PS/2 adapter and Blue cube USB included.
[*]Serial with PS/2 adapter for integrated trackpad connection. USB adapter included on request.
[*]Uses complicated white ALPS keyswitches.
[*]Keycaps are new pristine condition, with virtually no wear. Spacebars are NOT shiny.
[*]Includes chair-arm mounting hardware, except for 2 bolts. I'm using screwdrivers as temporary bolts.

Note: the green G and H key caps pictured are NOT included in this auction. The black G and H key caps are currently on the keyboard.


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