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Dear Friends of Gray Studio,

It’s been a while since we launched our last product – Space80-Apollo, and thanks to you, it has been a success and production is well under way.

Now it is time to bring to you the 3rd iteration of Space65, after many new engineering efforts. Here are some details:

The main aesthetics follows Space65-CyberVoyager, with some important finetuning (screwless), and several major changes are in the structure and features.

The major changes can be summarized in the follows:

1.   Gasket mount – adds flex typing
2.   Structural mid-piece – creates a nice floating feel
3.   Screwless – enhances aesthetics
4.   USB Daughter board – optimizes connectivity
5.   Translucent PCB (possibility for hotswap option) - anyone wants hotswap?

Please let us know your thoughts. GB will be in Q1 2022, to follow this IC and GB, also please feel free to join Gray Studio Discord, follow the Instagrams: Oldcat87 and Graystudio01.

whole else happy to see a r3 happen?


--- Quote from: Keeblet_257 on Wed, 29 December 2021, 16:59:53 ---whole else happy to see a r3 happen?

--- End quote ---



I'm so ready for this!


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