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looking for decent cheap headphones

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looking for cheap headphones with a cable atleast 2.5m and prefferably 3m they have to have a not terrible sound quality and mic quality, wireless would be nice. im not gonna listen to music on them for thr sound quality to matter as long as i can hear games and vc pretty well and my teammates hear me well. want them to be as cheap as possible while checking al  the minimum required boxes:
-2.5m+ cable
-usable sound quality
-usable mic quality
prefferably black

SO you want a headset, not just headphones.  I run the SHP9500's - some people hate them, I love mine and I use a Drop MiniMic total for both was $65.  I plan to update to the Drop/Sennheiser HD58X's next.

Those Topping amplifier performance is amazeballs, but soo spensive.

My little Topping NX1s was inexpensive and works really well - more of a portable option that I used with my IEMs on the go and at my desk.

if you are willing to get earbuds a set a VEclan Monk lite with microphone are real cheap (12 USD) and have good quality, they are my go to communication earbuds now although they have only 1.5m cable length so will need an extension for what you want or maybe ask them if they could make you ones with a longer cable, they are a small-ish company and do manufacture custom cables, i never asked them but could be worth a try.


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