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[IC] Fira Code Keycap Set - Unmarked Design(Updated Mar 9)

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Unmarked Design:

Hello, everyone. This is Unmarked Design. We are going to present our first keycap design - Fira Code.
This design is based on the famous opensource font Fira Code,
Here is the kit details:
Dark Theme

Light Theme

March 9:
So sorry that some progress haven't been updated for a while. We asked EPBT for sample before and they responded really quick. The sample turns out good. But we heard that folks do worry about EPBT so we haven't decided the final manufacturer yet. And it's true that they can't confirm schedule. We didn't give the groupbuy info to KBD too. That's a mistake that KBD launched the fira code groupbuy info themselves.

We are still looking for the manufacturer. Hope we can update the manufacturer and vendors soon.

Please work on your pictures formatting
Who is the manufacturer?

who da manu dawg???

This is kinda hot.

Why does the base kit have the ISO-UK specific keys ~# and @' but not the 2" and 3? If you're going to give us ISO-UK in base - which you should - please give us all of it. Otherwise put those two in the international kit - which you shouldn't, imo.


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