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[IC] Serendipity | A Big Mod 40% Board With XT 60% Energy

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A Premium 40% Keyboard with Modern Design and Friendly Layouts

40% Functionality Without Sacrificing Aesthetics

Serendipity is designed to maximize visual appeal.
The sloping side and back profile is perfect for two-tone coloration.
The badge and weight are highly customizable.
The layout and case design take cues from the best aspects of modern keyboards.

A 40% Layout Free Of Compromise

The Serendipity layout is meant to give the functionality of a 13u keyboard layout, while providing the freedom to utilize most keycap sets widely available today.
Accents, novelties, and artisans that would normally be aesthetically unpleasing or unfeasible on a 40% keyboard will look phenomenal on Serendipity.
The F-row and function column give extra flexibility to those who desire a few more keys than are included in the core cluster.

IC Form
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Typing Angle: 6.5
Front Height: 18.563mm
EKH: 22.14mm
Case Material: 6063 Aluminum for top case, bottom case, and badge. 6063 aluminum and 304 stainless steel for weight
Top Case Variants: WK, WKL
Mount: Burger o-ring top mount
PCB: QMK/VIAL supported USB-C PCB, MX and Alps support. Hotswap and soldered variants.
Badges: DDD logo, blank, and F13
Additional Features: Cherry lip, Geonworks 60% feet, "seamless and screwless" design
Weight: approximately 1.67kg built (with stainless steel weight)

Group Buy Details

Case Colors: TBD anodization colors, with P3DStore cerakote customization available
Cost: TBD
GB Date: June 1st - July 1st, 2023
GB Format: TBD
Vendors: P3DStore (worldwide)
Collaborations: We are working with WinKeebs on custom resin badges!

Additional Images
Special Thanks
Liv for case and PCB design, renders
Jake and P3DStore crew for vendoring
OCM for the lovely logo
Kokaloo for top notch pictures and videos of the prototypes
Winnie for the resin badges

Really cool unique layout and lovely colors  :thumb:

Will be following!!

Looks pretty awesome, DeDe!

Love the layout! Might convince me to buy my first 40%

Alps support?



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