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What video games are you currently playing?

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--- Quote from: davkol on Wed, 04 January 2017, 07:12:27 ---
--- Quote from: Altis on Tue, 03 January 2017, 21:39:09 ---Voobly and HD each have their pros and cons it would seem.

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Actually, I haven't had much time for AoE2 since African Kingdoms came out. Before that, the HD edition had been terrible, and add my dislike for Steam and poor performance in Wine back then. However, I hear, that Wine support has improved and Voobly now works with HD, thus even if you get the modern Steam release, you aren't stuck with its ****ty multiplayer. I believe pros still play the original boxed version though, and I find it much better too. In part thanks to content like Age of Chivalry: Hegemony.

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There can be a bit of lag/delay in HD but it's otherwise been rock solid for me as of late. I used to get massive frame drop that would make it unplayable even with just 3-4 players.

Do you still get **** like idle villagers though?

Been hooked on old school Runescape. Hadn't played anything really for the past two years because of only having one 8 year old laptop (Thinkpad X200s). Started playing like Monday, have put ~25h in already. It's probably a passing thing, just need to get to the point that grinding it just too time consuming and not at all fun. :D


--- Quote from: davkol on Thu, 05 January 2017, 04:49:48 ---Do you still get **** like idle villagers though?

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Yeah sometimes, and the unit mapping is said to be worse, though I don't notice a massive difference.

It's far from perfect, for sure. But it's still such a great game and HD absolutely brings in more users since it's on Steam as a currently supported game.

Uncharted 4 and Naruto ninja storm


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