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Monitors suddenly goes black

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Hey Geeks,

After scouring the internet for a while, I am suspecting a bad PSU and/or too-much consumption of power from one power outlet causes this issue.

The PC is a windows 10, 3070 GPU and newest 10k intel CPU, on windows 10.

I have a 4 monitor quad setup (2 of which are 4k) and every now and then, the monitors just go black, but sound and such is still on.

I do not see any errors under "manage PC"

I have tried to plug min laptops onto another power outlet, and I figured I may need to do the same with some of the monitors.

ALL four monitors goes black at the same time.

Any ideas?

Thank you

if only one or the oldest would do that on their own timing i would have suspected bad caps in the screen psu (start like that and end up blowing the internal fuse, fixed 4 screens with this exact problem), the fact that all 4 go black at once would steer me towards windows/drivers issues, hopefully, or dying GPU, or if you have everything plugged into the same socket, maybe, very very unlikely when the pc spikes in consumption (what the PSU should smooths, but cheap psu may not) it could create a mini localized brown out and your screens could crash (but then again their PSU should absorb it and not crash) so that would indicate you got some very cheap screens with bad PSU, a bad PSU in your PC and a bad powerstrip with too high resistance, so very unlikely.(if you plainly drew too much power from the wall your fuse/breaker should pop, so you would know, although if it is that change that powerstrip, if it has sufficient resistance to cause a localized brown out it could well also catch your house on fire with less sensitive equipment, )

TL;DR: i would reinstall drivers, then windows, then if you can check with and other GPU and only then worry about the mains power

Is this:
1 laptop/desktop with 4 external screens
1 laptop screen and 3 external screens
2 laptops with one external each

I need clearer understanding of the setup, also what type of cables you're using to each monitor. Could be driver, power or cables.

Silly one, but I had this problem occasionally, fixed it by turning off slideshow backgrounds. I had a folder of wallpapers I was cycling through, and something about my setup didn't like it when it changed.

Hello, its a PC setup with 4 monitors. Strong corsair 850 PSU and the PC is less than 5 months from newly built.

Will try to update drivers.


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