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A set that is inspired by the greats that have roamed the courts, I am very pleased to introduce GMK Court, the last set a tennis fan needs.
Intrest Form
Contact me on Discord: tovbeast#6969
-- Colors--

-- Kitting --
Match Base

Grass Court Alphas

Wimbledon Stripes

Grass Stripes

Trophies Kit

Stadium Mat

-- Renders --

KBD67 Lite

-- Vendors --
NA: Kono Store
CA: Deskhero
EU: Candykeys
UK: Capsunlocked
OCE: Daily Clack
KOREA/SEA: Swagkeys
CN: Kbdfans
-- Collaborations --
Please reach out on Discord if you would like to collab - tovbeast#6969
-- Thank you --
Thanks to my friend Jordan for giving me the amazing idea for this set, for Eg0 and Halo for bringing my vision to life, and to all of the amazing community members who gave feedback, advice, and encouragement on the way!
Renders by: eg0t1st1k4l#7777Novelties and Deskmat by: Halo#2222
-- Change Log --
Posted IC on 7/19/21
Updated the kitting on 7/21/21
Finalized vendors on 7/23/21
Finialized kitting and finished novelties on 7/28/21
-- Signature --
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Just gonna leave this here.

Yeah, the sets are pretty similar but once the novelties are done it will differentiate it a lot!


--- Quote from: Fraaaan on Mon, 19 July 2021, 16:13:47 ---Just gonna leave this here.

--- End quote ---

They're similar, but different enough, this probably just means it's best to set the GB dates apart

Are the accent arrows in the novelties?


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