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Split, Ortholinear, No thumb clusters


Hi, I have just recently started to look at "non-standard" keyboards, so please bear with me.

I'm looking to replace my standard qwerty keyboard with a split variant, with no thumb cluster. Why no thumb cluster? My thumbs can move more than is good for them, which is making them hurt. So I want as little thumb action as possible.
I saw this similar thread, but it ended up with thumb clusters:
Having no thumb cluster should also leave space for a handrest bar with a built in mouse, next to the keyboard, I think.

What I think that I want:
* Split
* Ortholinear or column staggered
* Number row
* Function keys optional (I will layer them on the number row)
* Numpad optional
* No thumb cluster
* "105 keys" letter layout (see key left of Z and close to Return) - I believe this is called ISO?:

Soldering or 3d printing is no problem.

I have seen keyboards that I think come close on, but they tend to miss the key left of Z. E. g:

Maybe the simplest is two halves, supporting at least 6x5 and 8x5 keys respectively (and preferably ISO Return key).


something like this?


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