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[IC]Machete_v1,a strip of keyboard!

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found new unit of keyboard quantity
a strip of keyboard,not just a keyboard!

         Hello everyone! Am VokLand, HereVoLand studio.
          This is the first IC initiated by our studio in Geekhack,seem that it will have some commemorative significance in the near future hahaha....Let's start with Machete_v1. ;D
                  maybe keyboard、
                  maybe keycap shelves、
                  maybe atmosphere lighting stick、
                  maybe defender of the office desk、
                  maybe big machete haha....
         These are many ideas given by enthusiasts who have participated in previous GB. :thumb:
         Machete_v1 just a name,We not going to draw conclusions about it,We hope every enthusiasts will have different answers about it.
         As“There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”, because it's customized.

In addition to the basic layout,we added all-1U multi-compatible layout too.
All-1U will be no RGB,but it supports both hotswap and solder!         
         Some time ago, we launched the second group buy of Machete-v1 in some Asian regions, these group buys were successful, and many nice pictures were shared.

Important, about Specifications
524mm length,104mm width
23mm front height,31mm overall height
5°typing angle
Foam cotton gasket
On-board Type-C interface
1.2mm no flexcut PCB,1.6mm no flexcut plate
QMK/VIA compatibility,Wired mode
6063 aluminum CNC
Surface treatment:Anodizing and E-coating
Estimated Price~$220-250 USD

In the next GB , we will describe more
Yes,we want to launch GB again in various regions.
We need partners,Please contact me,looking forward! ;)
HereVoLand,Here Customized.

Not going to miss it this time!  I can’t wait for this one to launch!

can’t wait for this looooong one!

gigabased layout/form factor



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