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Pangea Full Size

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1. Introduction
2. Specifications
3. Renders and Images
4. Inspiration
5. Availability
6. Status and Notes

IntroductionPangea Full Size is my take on a full size keyboard design, with some extra features. The name comes from the supercontinent Pangea. Like the supercontinent, this keyboard can morph and change shape to better suit your needs. Pangea Fullsize features a unique construction allowing the user to change from “normal” numpad location to southpaw without the need for any additional parts. This is achieved through a 9 piece case construction with a specially designed PCB by Gondolindrim.

Materials: 6063 Aluminum/Polycarbonate, Brass, Stainless Steel/Copper
Layout: WK/WKL/HHKB TKL Frames
Typing Angle: 8.5 Degrees
Front Height: 17.15mm - 22.2mm EKH
Weight: 2.7Kg unbuilt

Custom Silicone Gasket Molds
30A/60A/90A will be included in the kit

Split PCB Designed by Gondolindrim
Black FR4
1.6mm thick
Red Solder Mask
Gold pads
No meme-cuts
FPC connector to connect the two segments
JST connector to Unified C5 Daughterboard
VIA Compatible

Solderable Layouts Supported:
LED support at capslock, scroll lock, and numslock

Hotswap Layouts Supported:
Mirrored numpad will be supported with a second included numpad PCB

Renders and Images
Renders by MiKeyDigit

Photos of prototype 1: raw aluminum and stainless steel (note, prototype 1 does not have external engraving, next round will)

PCB Prototypes: These are not black FR4 and do not reflect final layout support


The main goal of the project was to design a keyboard that could offer southpaw and normal numpad without any extra components. This became challenging because a fullsize keyboard can’t be split into sections that can be mirrored (namely because of the nav cluster). To get around this it was necessary to chop up the top case of the keyboard until the pieces could be rotated and shifted around to accommodate both numpad locations. At the same time, I wanted to keep an optional minimalist aesthetic from the top of the keyboard for those who want a fullsize to use in the office while also allowing a lot of customizability for those who want something a bit more loud. To accompany the name, the exterior weight is engraved with lines meant to replicate the mapped out outline of modern day continents on the supercontinent Pangea.

When designing the case one of the trickiest parts was making it so the numpad cluster and the TKL cluster could be swapped without conflict. I also wanted to replicate a classic top mount sound and feel, however top mount screws would interfere with the TKL/Numpad and top frame pieces. To avoid this, I used gaskets which are short enough to not interfere with the swappable construction while still using a typical top mount plate design. The result is a sound and feel that is similar to top mount while also being customizable with different durometer gaskets.

When I originally came up with the idea to make a swappable full size I brought the idea to Gondo to see what could be done. After many ideas from Gondo we settled on splitting the TKL and numpad pcbs and using an FPC connector to connect the two parts. This allows the user to quickly and easily switch locations of the numpad by utilizing the ports on the opposite ends of the PCB even after a build is soldered/assembled. FPC is also a good solution as it is cheap, readily available and very easy to use. We are using a clamshell lock FPC so the connection is very sturdy and secure. It also is a flexible connection so the TKL and numpad clusters are essentially free to move separately from one another.

Estimated price: $530 USD
MOQ: 50 ~ unlimited
Estimated GB time: August 2024
Estimated GB Fulfillment: 3-5 months after GB closes
Vendors (working on adding more):

US: Bowl Keyboards
EU: Delta Key Co
UK: Prototypist
KR: Swagkeys
TH: Aiglatson
CA: Minokeys
AUS: KeebznCables
SG: Ilumkb

Kit Contents:
1x Top case
1x Bottom case
1x Top Frame
1x TKL Frame
1x Numpad Frame
1x Internal Weight
1x External Weight
1x Aluminum TKL Plate
1x Aluminum Numpad Plate
1x Solderable or Hotswap PCB
1x C5 Unified Daughterboard + JST to JST cable
1x Carrying case
15x 30a/60a/90a Gaskets
4x Custom molded feet
All Screws/parts/etc for assembly

Solder PCB
Hotswap PCB
Alu/CF/PP/PC plates
WK/WKL/HHKB Top frames

Decided based on IC results

Top Case: Smokey Polycarbonate
Bottom Case: Dark Gray Anodized Aluminum
Top Frame: Patina'd Copper
TKL Frame: Dark Gray Anodized Aluminum
Numpad Frame: Dark Gray Anodized Aluminum
Inner Weight: Brass
Outerweight: Patina'd Copper

Top Case: Frosted Polycarbonate
Bottom Case: Silver Anodized Aluminum
Top Frame: Polished Stainless Steel
TKL Frame: Silver Anodized Aluminum
Numpad Frame: Silver Anodized Aluminum
Inner Weight: Brass
Outerweight: Machine Path Stainless Steel

Top Case: Brown Anodized Aluminum
Bottom Case: Dark Brown Anodized Aluminum
Top Frame: Dark Brown Anodized Aluminum
TKL Frame: Brown Anodized Aluminum
Numpad Frame: Brown Anodized Aluminum
Inner Weight: Brass
Outerweight: Machine Path Copper

Top Case: Gray Anodized Aluminum
Bottom Case: Silver Anodized Aluminum
Top Frame: Silver Anodized Aluminum
TKL Frame: Gray Anodized Aluminum
Numpad Frame: Gray Anodized Aluminum
Inner Weight: Brass
Outerweight: Machine Path Stainless Steel

Colors removed:
Prussian Blue

Status and Notes
MoreTesting prototype 1
Changes from Prototype 1:
Added external engraving emulating the modern day continent outlines in Pangea
Removed alignment pins for TKL/Numpad frames
Small adjustments to plate acoustic cuts
Tuned chamfer/fillet size throughout

Next steps:
Order 2nd prototypes/promotional units in decided GB colorways
Confirm vendors

Current Status:
Promotional units are being produced, ETA June

Big thank you to the friends that helped this project take shape
Thank you to Gondolindrim, Manu, and Mikeydigit for helping get everything together for this board
and thank you  :thumb: for reading my IC


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Buy Buy Buy!

This will add nicely to the collection.


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