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--- Quote from: mkawa on Sat, 11 August 2012, 13:52:41 ---there is another option, young padowan, SPAM LESS LURK LESS

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SPAM MORE LURK MORE ORDER MORE is the only way to go.

order more goes without saying.

when can i start posting on classifieds?


--- Quote from: zzAaron on Tue, 14 August 2012, 20:35:22 ---when can i start posting on classifieds?

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dude come on, it's in OP.



--- Quote from: mkawa_ on Sun, 29 July 2012, 09:51:16 ---First off, welcome to the world of keyboards. There are two things you will discover quite shortly about keyboards and keyboarding related accessories: first, they are a moneypit. Your money? all gone. Second, they are awesome; you will be poor but happy.

OK, LOGISTICS: you are currently a JUNIOR CLICKER. That means you can view nearly all of the forums, and post replies, including attachments and videos, in every forum. There are a couple forums you can't see, but no worries, they're a bit like spamalot; they are silly places where only silly things are done. At some point (currently 50 100 60 posts, but subject to change without notice), you will join the ranks of the CLICK AND CLACKER, soldiers of fortune who are allowed to submit NEW topics to the classifieds and group buy forums.

HOWEVER: do not think that you should simply spam your way up the clacker ladder. Your keyboard, as you will soon learn, is a refined tool only meant for the purest of thoughts. If ye spam, we will delete. Instead, have fun, ask questions, comment on demik's flatulence, etc. in short, LURK LESS! we welcome your input.

SO THEN: Welcome to geekhack! Have fun clacking! (and sorry about your wallet :D)

--- End quote ---

Is there a cure for the "spend all money on keyboards" syndrome?
My doctor couldn't diagnose the problem.


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