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My collection of original sculpts grows every time I feel a design needs refinement.

Hey I'm STILL unhappy with what I'm producing, but I'd like to get an idea where people see my talent is put to the best use.

You won't be stopping me from creating what I want or force my hand to make something I don't want.  It'd be nice to see some organized public opinion.  With the options I've provided in the poll I feel you can ask for just about anything and then leave comments with your vote.

Baller?  YEAH!

I say make an orc army you could have a few different orcs, good guy, bad guy etc.

I've always enjoyed seeing all your designs but IMO your topre Fns have always looked the nicest to me, just because I've always found it interesting seeing what keycap makers can do with blank keys to make it unique from other maker's designs since I think that's one of the hardest things you can do and would love to see you explore more into blanks

I love both the hand e caps and the topre blanks, but I had to choose the hand e caps, I just like them too much.

A dragon style keycap with sharp features!


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