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Should the Wiki be made part of Geekhack Media?

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Who voted no and why?

I didn't vote, because I don't really care, but I have never had a problem finding the Wiki.  I guess it might make more sense in the Media section, but I'm fine with it where it is.

Seems pretty easy to find to me.  ;)

Thanks, iMav.  Could you also offer a comprehensive vision plan with membership?
*ducks for cover*

Short of cross linking and sticky posts, there's no good way to incorporate the Wiki link into an already existing forum. What iMav did is about as good as it gets. If iMav would like, I'd be more than happy to build something into the global header that has things that would be accessible from every page. The only draw back, is it'd be "Wiki" and "Forums", perhaps some links to our sub forums like "Vendors" etc.


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