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Voodoo of anOtter World [Completed][Not the leftovers sale]

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You will not receive an explanation of HOW this is going to work until it is too late.  If you don't get it I really don't feel that bad :|

Merry Christmas you fantastic people!  Just in time for the holidays am I right?  Completion of this sale is due to be done and shipped before Christmas more specifically before December 24th.

There will be 150 invoices maximum which will go out or 200 keys.  Whichever comes first.  We may expand this number but only if we are ahead of schedule.

Talk freely about this stupidity :D

waateva   black   green      otterophile
Gajible   black   green      otterophile
Weiss   black   green      otterophile
burt macklin   black   green      otterophile
split_between   black   green      otterophile
R0b0tical   black   green      otterophile
ReverbSlush   black    green   YES   otterophile
mythicalwagyu   black    green   YES   otterophile
kiwi99   black   orange   YES   otterophile
foochbwah   black   yellow   YES   otterophile
Marshal   black   yellow   YES   otterophile
keyboardmaker123   black   yellow   YES   otterophile
SirPony   black   yellow   YES   otterophile
mysteamname   black   yellow   YES   otterophile
Smittysteve   black   yellow   YES   otterophile
samoas   black   yellow   YES   otterophile
lifestronaut   black   yellow   YES   otterophile
split_between   black   yellow   YES   otterophile
holyfuxk   black   yellow   YES   otterophile
WolfTickets   black    yellow   YES   otterophile
priusproblems   black    yellow   YES   otterophile
Steer95   blue   yellow   YES   otterophile
PointlessIndulgence   blue   yellow   YES   otterophile
argonaut29   blue   yellow   YES   otterophile
kou5oku   blue   yellow   YES   otterophile
bostux   blue   yellow   YES   otterophile
Jogglypoof   blue    yellow   YES   otterophile
amaco   blue    yellow   YES   otterophile
Elth   green   orange      otterophile
alveeno   green   orange      otterophile
randalljai   green   orange      otterophile
tinymakesthings   green   orange      otterophile
chironex   green   purple   YES   otterophile
MandrewDavis   green   purple   YES   otterophile
LastTycoon   green   purple   YES   otterophile
Jemaunji   orange   blue   YES   Otterophile
Audith   orange   green   YES   Otterophile
megaforce93   orange   green   YES   Otterophile
sitch   orange   green   YES   Otterophile
BSmith333   orange   purple      otterophile
Avalai   orange    green      Otterophile
usualsuspectXXX   orange    green      Otterophile
ErectedLine   purple   black      otterophile
Chocolatemoloko   purple   purple   YES   otterophile
q-_-q   purple   purple   YES   otterophile
hkf   purple   purple   YES   otterophile
onelamefrog   purple   purple   YES   otterophile
Greenteei89   purple   purple   YES   otterophile
Franklinscudder   purple   purple   YES   otterophile
polentA   purple    purple   YES   otterophile
Scarlett   red   orange      otterophile
toxicdrift   red   orange      otterophile
The Cheagle   red   yellow      otterophile
ClumsyWaldo   red   yellow      Otterophile
Tokidokijake   red   yellow      otterophile
Ketchykech   blue   yellow      Otterophile
Baddy126   red   yellow      Otterophile
SaiZn   red    orange      otterophile
GreyAmbience   red    yellow   YES   otterophile
mcinfopopup   red    yellow   YES   Otterophile
Parzival   red    yellow   YES   Otterophile
kustom3   red    yellow   YES   otterophile
aa89028500   white   purple      otterophile
Aaron6301   white   purple      otterophile
Atom68   white   purple      otterophile
chickennoodlegoop   white   purple      Otterophile
Skimzor   white   purple      otterophile
bricriu   white   purple      otterophile
Alice1492   white   purple      otterophile
Danktamagachi   white   purple      otterophile
jacobsmirror   white   purple      Otterophile
FLFisherman   white   purple      otterophile
bbmathlvr   white   purple      otterophile
raenbo    white   purple      otterophile
scgmdx2   white   purple      Otterophile
Pestik   white   purple      otterophile
Smittysteve   white   purple      Otterophile
solitary1212   white   purple      otterophile
samoas   white   purple      otterophile
-musubi   white   purple      otterophile
plaineminem   white   purple      otterophile
unoab   white   purple      otterophile
yusehz   white   purple      otterophile
brendendo   white   yellow   YES   otterophile
Danktamagachi   white   yellow   YES   otterophile
atlas3686   white   yellow   YES   otterophile
doooostin   white   yellow   YES   otterophile
Otesanek   white   yellow   YES   otterophile
happyturtlee   white   yellow   YES   otterophile
mattdch   white   yellow   YES   otterophile
GetWrec   white   yellow   YES   otterophile
wilarseny   white   yellow   YES   otterophile
Myan   white   yellow   YES   otterophile
naasfu   white    purple      Otterophile
Moistgun   white    purple      otterophile
shinz0   black   green      switch doctor
Fictiouz   black   green      switch doctor
ProcyonA   blue   yellow   YES   switch doctor
fendent   blue   yellow   YES   switch doctor
sncbraxsc2   green   orange      switch doctor
beehatch   green   orange      switch doctor
MonocleTophat   green   orange      switch doctor
iamtootallforthis   green   purple   YES   switch doctor
itshowsad   green   purple   YES   switch doctor
lolpes   green    purple   YES   switch doctor
frankdog180   green    purple   YES   switch doctor
kosm3   orange   purple      switch doctor
tanker666   purple   purple   YES   switch doctor
septamber   purple   purple   YES   switch doctor
onlinelife   purple   purple   YES   switch doctor
pcpuddin   purple   purple   YES   switch doctor
小小黑   purple   purple   YES   switch doctor
oh_so_nice   purple   purple   YES   switch doctor
SJHL   red   orange      switch Doctor
EmperorNer0   red   yellow      switch doctor
ccarlitos2   blue   yellow      switch doctor
Crbr   red   yellow      Switch Doctor
hexterdude   red   yellow      Switch Doctor
jb1830   red   yellow      switch doctor
kenmai9   blue   yellow      switch doctor
catweewee   red   yellow      switch doctor
rpeterclark   red    yellow   YES   switch doctor
TubasintheMoonlight   white   orange      Switch Doctor
KengCong711   white   orange      switch doctor
Subsumy   white   orange      switch Doctor
n0rvig   white   purple      switch doctor
Zorberema   white   purple      Switch Doctor
robotmaxtron   white   purple      Switch Doctor
raymogi   white   purple      Switch Doctor

Voodoo concluded!  Time to start invoicing!

Wallet, why must you fail me!  :eek:

Wallet, I have to do this. I really hope I did things right!


Cheers Binge! Looking forward to this!

<3 I love Binge's meat


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