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60% WKL, Top Mount, 3.1kg

She is small but strong

As a fan of anime, I tried to melt the character's mood into the housing.
I designed it to be simple, but to reveal individuality.
It contains structural characteristics that I like.
Top mount, 8 deg, brass bottom, 3.1kg.

IC Thread


Mount : Top Mount

Plate : Standard

Weight : 3.1kg (built)

Top case: A6061, anodized
Bottom case: Brass, sandblasted & clear-coated
Plate: A5052, anodized

Front Height & Typing Angle

Exploded View



Color: Gold color fixed.

Design Interpretation
1. Removed the screw around the spacebar, which presses harder when typing compared to other keys.
2. To reduce distance deviation, 5 screw holes are placed in a 'W' shape.

Brass Bottom

Why Use Brass?
The keyboard doesn't necessarily have to be heavy. Especially for gasket mounting.
However, heavy brass has the advantage of damping vibrations when using a foamless top mount.

Section Analysis
Reduced the gap between the floor and the PCB by raising the floor height except for switches, stabilizers, and small component locations.


60% WKL Fixed

For more details, check out the
Flash Official Document

00:00 27th Sep - 23:59 29th Sep

The order form will be uploaded to the
Discord Announcement Channel at the start of the sale

Silver / Black / Mustard

As more people buy together, the price decreases in stages

Base kit
Alu Top
Brass Bottom
Screws and bumpons

QTYPrice ($)50~99300100~199280200~300260
MOQ : 50 units
MAX : 300 units

Solderable PCB : $39
Daughterboard & JST cable: $9
(Custom PCB and Daughterboard by Hiney)
Alu plate: $20
*Non-Korean buyers will be charged a 4.4% PayPal fee


LocationsStandard kit ($)Korea3East Asia, SEA40NA, EU, Oceania60OthersProxy is recommended
Adding additional items to your order may contribute to slightly higher shipping costs
based on dimension and total weight.
Delivery within 3 months after the end of GB.
*There may be delays in case of natural disasters.


Gift for Early Bird
The first 100 people participating in the Discord channel will receive an Alu Plate
and the 101st~200th entrants will receive a Daughterboard & JST Cable

✨ Touching the logo will summon you to KEYPPORT World ✨

Thank you to everyone who supported my project,
and I will do my best to provide you with a satisfying typing experience.


Updated PCB Price
Flash's PCB is yellow and has a small keypport character logo on it.

To keep the price down, I started H60 JST Group Buy for Koreans.

The changed prices are as follows:
Solderable PCB:  $45 -> $39
Daughterboard & JST cable: $10 -> $9

Approved :thumb:

Good luck with the GB!

I hope many people participate.


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