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[GB] Haimu Rococo R2 Tactile Switch 【GB Ends,Fulfilling starts soon】


Haimu Rococo R2 Tactile Switch

Hi everyone, this is DY from Unikeys. I am very excited to announce that we are launching the Haimu Rococo R2 Tactile Switch group buy today.
Link to Unikeys:

The Rococo R2 tactile switch is manufactured by Haimu. It comes with a specially designed RGB channel piece and a box stem to reduce stem wobble. It is the perfect switch for you if you love strong tactile switches (such as the Holy Pandas) and don't want too much stem wobble. The Rococo R2 also comes with a thin layer of factory lube to reduce leaf spring noise. It is very smooth and thocky stock. Personally, I would say it is good to go out of the box. However, for those who want their switches to be almost perfect, we recommend lubing them again slightly for an optimal experience.

Rococo R2 Typing Test:

Typing test on a Cyberboard:

Price: $4.80/10pcs

Switch Type: Tactile

Top Housing Material: PC

Bottom Housing Material: PC

Stem Material: Modified POM

Operating Force: 40g

Bottom-out Force: 50g

Spring: 22mm gold-plated extended spring

Leaf Spring: gold-plated and strengthened

Pre-travel: 2.0mm

Total Travel: 3.8mm

Group buy timeline

GB Starts: March 24, 2023

GB Ends: April 10, 2023

Estimated Fulfillment date: Around April 15, 2023

The designer and factory let us know that the manufacturing should be done by April 15th, but the fulfillment date could be subject to change if there is any delay in manufacture or shipping. Please join our discord channel to get updates.

Welcome everyone to join our Discord to learn more about the GB:

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Thank you!

The Rococo R2 switches are being shipped to us by the factory. Shipping will start very soon. Thank you for your patience.


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