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O rings for Cherry MX keycaps to make voice lower 40%

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I want to purchase small silica o-rings but I do not want to use Taobao.  Shipping to Pennsylvania, USA.  I do have paypal.  I guess I will just paypal you @ ?


--- Quote from: imsto on Sat, 28 July 2012, 11:40:46 ---
now get the red silica gel ones, the durability would be better, and it's also softer than the rubber ones.
they get the same size as the rubber ones, but different color and be more soft.
price 3$ for the red small silica gel orings
         6$ for teh red big silica get orings

shipping cost 8$

--- End quote ---

Dear Mr. Imsto,

What is the durometer rating of your red silica gel O-rings?

I am very interested to buy both of these but only if they are different to the ones I already have.

All Silica Gel O-rings have a durometer hardness rating, like 40a, 50a, etc.

Please help.

I'd like to buy the small red silica gel ones.
So how do I go about doing that? Do you accept paypal?

Do you accept Amazon pay?

Amazon is like Paypal except there are no fees.  You just transfer money back and forth all day long for free.  Awesome!

I got the o rings and thick dye-subs yesterday. The thin o rings work great with the thick cherry profile dye subs. Thanks Imsto !!


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