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Filco/ ONI TKL Aluminum Case - Black (Tex)

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--- Quote from: Venatorious on Sun, 27 March 2016, 13:31:12 ---I got the new case! pics incoming

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Would really love to see the pics.   Just need to know for sure that this is the one that will be getting.

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It is. We received a partial shipment and filled some orders already.

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How is the MK Disco going to fit into this case? seeing the Disco have detachable cable. Is there hole in the case to for the usb breakout board?

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The MK Disco fits very well and you don't need the daughter board since the new cases come with a cable which plugs directly into the keyboard.  :thumb:

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I'm just now discovering the Disco.   :eek:  You say it works with this case?  That's awesome.  I assume the Disco has a USB daughterboard... correct?

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Yes, Disco has a daughterboard, but the newest batch of Tex cases don't have a place to really put one, so you may have to improvise.

Any plans to restock the grey cases any time soon?


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