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[WTS] FC660M Dolch/MX Brown /w Aluminum and New Filco Minila ($100 shipped)


Leopold FC660M with Cherry MX Brown switches
Generic aluminum housing fits perfectly
Dolch keycaps from Originative, shiny from years of use
Additional addon keycaps, these are brand new never typed on.
The spacebar is a thick PBT spacebar but it's not from the Dolch set because none of my Dolch sets came with a spacebar that fit and I didn't want to bother with finding one that matched.
Original box is not included.
Overall, minus the shine, it looks great considering it was my everyday user for a few years.
$160 shipped via USPS.  I prefer Paypal G&S but can accept any digital payment type.  No trades.

Filco Majestouch Minila FFKB67M/EB

Cherry MX Brown switch
Brand new never used, includes original box, papers, additional keycaps & key puller.
$100 shipped via USPS



PM'D you :D


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