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[IC] Theca x Rubrehose | Final Pricing Update!

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densus designs:
Theca x Rubrehose by Densus Design & KLC

More Pictures

Pics taken by jtqx#8261, @joshkeyboards on instagram

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KLC's Discord KLC's Instagram


Board Features:

- F12 WKL or WK TKL layout with ANSI and ISO Support
- 18mm front height without feet
- 2.8KG Built
- Custom Silicone Gasket Mount or Top Mount
- 8-degree typing angle
- “Seamless” Sides
- Recessed USB-C port parallel to your desk
- Internal Brass Weight
- External Stainless Steel or Brass Weight
- MX or Topre PCB

Pricing Update:
More Pricing Update:

Note: Kit doesn't include PCB, KLC will be stocking both Hotswap and Soldered PCBs on their store. The board will come with Daughterboard and JST Cable. The board is also compatible with most 87 layout PCBs that have a JST Connector.

You will be able to choose between Stainless Steel and Brass for the external weight, the internal weight is brass and cannot be changed. All weights are clear coated.

Plates: Aluminium, Carbon Fiber and PC will be available in Full Plate.
Black Ano will have a RED Alu Plate
E-Beige and Brown will have a Black Alu Plate

- Base Kit  ~ 520USD
(no upcharge for e-beige)

- Carbon Fiber Plate ~ 35USD
- PC Plate ~ 35USD

What is included in the base kit:
- Top
- Bottom
- Plate
- Internal Weight
- External Weight
- Daughterboard + JST Connector
- 8x 30A Gaskets
- Top Mount Screws

Topre Kit ~ Pricing Still Pending
Will include:
- Plate
- Screws + Standoffs

Updates: (As of 7/6/22)

- We have decided to only include 30A hardness for the gaskets due to the harder 50A gaskets feeling the same as top mount and with the compression, its much harder to assemble the case.

- We will also remove the internal mounting point due to the interference of Topre housings. Instead we have chosen to use a magnet for the middle screw point. All the other screws will remain unchanged.

- Internals have been updated, colour options have also been finalised with Black, Brown and E-Beige! Larger prototype order will be placed in the next few days!

- 20A gaskets have been ordered and will be compared with the current 30A gaskets.


V1 Gaskets Left, V2 Gaskets Right. Only 30A in Black (matte) for final production.

Theca can be mounted in two ways: Top Mount or Gasket Mount.
Unlike most other gasket mounted boards, Theca utilizes custom injection moulded silicone gaskets to achieve a smooth and flexible typing experience, accompanied by the recessed areas on the bottom case for increased flex.
After manufacturing and testing prototypes using different gasket thicknesses, I am extremely satisfied with the resulting typing feel and flex. Gaskets will be available in only 1 hardness: 30A Durometer (Black). Due to the lack of adhesive between the gaskets and plate/case, harnesses can be seamlessly installed and swapped without frustration or clean-up.
As well as this, Theca can also be mounted to the top case using 8 screws for a more classic typing feel.

Topre Addon Kit:

For Theca, we will be offering an addon kit for topre compatible parts, this kit will include PCB, plate, standoffs and screws. Designed by the Talented Cipulot, this pcb allows for multi-layout options including 7u & 6.25u bottom rows along with stepped and regular capslock. The plate also allows the use of 6u spacebar wires for those that want to use keycaps straight from a realforce board. Above are some pictures of the PCB with artwork by Rubrehose!


Theca's Internals have been updated since the initial prototype, this will provide a cleaner look and should give a more even sound.

Please note that all brass weights will be clear-coated.

Included Carry Case:


This premium carry case included with Theca has been designed to make it easy to place and pick up boards with wide side openings for hands. This bag uses two custom moulded eva parts to hold Theca while also separating extra parts such as plates, PCBs and extra gaskets. Sponge foam has been glued to the top of the case to prevent damage during shipping and daily use.

Colours Available:
Black Ano, Brown Ano (same as rotor) & E-Beige (E-coating)

PCB & Layouts

While Theca will not include a PCB in the kit, it will include a DB and JST Cable. Theca is compatible with 3rd party PCBs as long as they have a JST connector and are without a usb c port. The plate is compatible with north or south facing stabilisers an supports a number of layout options listed below!

- Winkeyless or Winkey
- ANSI and ISO Support
- Regular and Split Backspace Support
- Regular and Split Left and Right Shift Support
- Regular and Stepped Caps Support
- 6.25u & 7u bottom row options

Build Stream(s) and Typing Tests

Will be posted here once made.

Whats Included + Pricing:
Theca Kit Price: 520USD

- Top and Bottom Case (6063)
- Internal Brass Weight (Sandblasted + Clear coated)
- External Weight in Stainless Steel (316) (Sandblasted) OR
Brass (Sandblasted + Clear coated)
- Red Aluminium Plate with Gasket & Top Mounting Points (5052)
- Daughterboard + JST Cable
- 8x 30A Custom Moulded Silicone Gaskets
- Screws for Top Mount
- 4x Rubber Feet
- Custom Moulded EVA Carry Case + EVA Tray

Extras Available:
Carbon Fiber Plate
PC Plate
Extra Gaskets

This is dope

What does the plate look like?

densus designs:

--- Quote from: ankit-sachdeva on Sat, 21 May 2022, 03:12:38 ---What does the plate look like?

--- End quote ---

Ill add a photo of the plate now!

Hottieeee! Looks so good.


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