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[GB] LM60 Stripe (detail in al, brass, copper, pc and wood) - WK, WKL and HHKB

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[GB] LM60 Stripe (detail in al, brass, copper, pc and wood) - WK, WKL and HHKB

Another model of LM Series with clean and easy to mount design, preserving the beauty and sound

Available in 60% and 65% (please contact) with layouts WK WKL HHKB

Highlight points

- Clean and beautiful design, easy to mount
- Same plate and mount of LM60 V2
- RGB light through polycarbonate stripe
- Different colors and materials: aluminum, brass, copper, wood and PC
- Front angle
- Plate for multiple layouts
- Extra plates and stripes are available 
- Available colors: champagne, beige grey and navy blue - Contact if you want different

Mount system

Mount Shock Absorption Balls - used in drones (will be included)

Silicone wire seals - Little more flex than above option (will be included)

The plate


Aluminum with stripes of aluminum, brass, copper, pc and wood
Case Angle: 6.5 degrees
Mounting: Rubber Shock Absorption Balls or Silicone Wire Seals
Case Material: 6063 aluminum
Making process: CNC - sandblast - anodizing
Front Height: 19 mm
Back Height: 21 mm (with chamfer) and 32 mm (before chamfer)
Weight: ~1400g and ~1800g (mounted with brass plate and brass/copper stripes)
Plate:  Aluminum, Brass, PBT (default is aluminum, if you order with brass/copper stripe option you will receive the two - please contact for PBT)
PCB Compability: GH60 style (GH60, DZ60, BM60, etc) for LM60 Stripe; DZ65RGB and BM65RGB (and others) for LM65 Stripe (please contact for 65%)


The internal design and dimensions are the same of LM60 V2, that was fully tested and approved. Check the videos.

What will be included

- LM60 Stripe shell case
- Aluminum Plate (others as extra)
- 2x Stripe/bar made of Polycarbonate (others as extra)
- 4x Stainless steel screws M2
- Silicone Mount Shock Absorption Balls and Silicone Wire Seals (as second option)
- Silicone Rubber feets

Timeline and fulfillment date

January-February: 15-14 GB
February-March: Production
April: Shipment (Will be available: Aliexpress forwarding, Fedex/DHL and Germany forwarding to EU).


One set USD 139.00+
Two sets USD 110.00/each (please contact)
Thee sets USD 85.00/each (please contact)

Solder PCB USD 30.00
Solder PCB with RGB underglow USD 35.00
Hotswap PCB (with RGB Underglow header for led strip) USD 35.00
130pcs Hotswap pin sockets 1.5mm USD 15.00

Order Link


Eng. David Martinz - LM Keyboards
daviddgm at gmail

Approved :thumb:

PSA to prospective buyers:
Group Buys are inherently risky endeavors. There is an element of risk involved with collecting payment before the item has been produced and resulting uncertainty during manufacturing / subsequent operations. We urge all GB organizers to consider (and document) these risks, and want to make it clear to all who consider purchasing that these risks are present.

If you are unfamiliar with the Group Buy model, please read this primer - Group Buy FAQ / Buying Guidelines

This PSA is new and will become standard on all Group Buys moving forward. It is not posted on this GB in isolation and is not singling this organizer out in particular as someone to be wary of.

no proto, mounting looks incredibly tedious to assemble. Truly a GB of all time

Yes, this mount system is more "tedious" than others, but no more than mount stabs or lube switches... 😆 This board is intended for those who want the benefit of monoblock/unibody and to reduce a little the production time and price.

On the next days we will post the prototype testing.

--- Quote from: OJtheTiny on Mon, 16 October 2023, 20:58:38 ---no proto, mounting looks incredibly tedious to assemble. Truly a GB of all time

--- End quote ---

Last days of GB.


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