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TGR Lena

KLC Store Product Page

Development History:
For as long as I can remember, I've dreamt of owning an EM7/Alice keyboard, but in the timeless TKL layout. Now, as someone in their 40s, I've come to realize that some typing habits are just ingrained in me.

The arrow keys are like old friends, impossible to part with without sacrificing comfort and familiarity. That's why, after much contemplation, I found solace in the harmonious blend of the Alice layout with the navigation cluster.

TGR Lena is not just a keyboard for me but this is a tangible expression of love and gratitude. Named after my wife, Lena, whose presence brings balance and joy to my life, it embodies the harmony I feel while typing. It's a heartfelt tribute to her unwavering support and the irreplaceable role she plays in my life.

Our (Yuktsi and myself) journey with the Lena started back in late 2021, and it took us nearly two years to get the design just right. We took our time, constantly stopping to look at it again, making changes along the way.

The shape of the board is highly asymmetrical and irregular. The PCB and plate are divided into two to ensure symmetry. We didn't want it to be just another keyboard; we wanted it to be special.

It's not just a board with top-bottom housing with weight.The bottom is crafted from multiple pieces, ingeniously engineered to replicate both the feel of a traditional case-angled and feet-angled typing experience.

The Lena logo is the actual autograph of Lena

Too long?
We recognize that the board is indeed long, but we ensure that its barely wider than a TKL from the homing keys to the right, so your mouse position wont be affected.

No bump-ons?
Acknowledging that most enthusiasts use desk pads, Lena removes the need for bump-on design.

For those who prefer a bare desk or wish to showcase the keyboard, a keyboard-shaped pad is included in the base kit.

GB Information:
● Quantity: 140 units total (130 units Urban or Graphite Gray + 10 Amethyst Purple)
● Current Status: Production complete. Anodization will commence upon receipt of your order, with your preferred color choice.
● Sales Type: Raffle (Raffle form will be released through KLC discord)
● Raffle Opens: February 28, 2024, at 12:00 KST (GMT +9, Form open for 24 hours)
● Winners Notified: February 29, 2024, after 18:00 KST via email
● Fulfillment: Starts in late April 2024 or earlier, Amethyst Purple will be shipped within a week (If you just order the base kit)
● Quality Control Claims: Please inspect your board upon arrival and notify us of any issues within 1 week of receiving your package.
● Price: USD 650 (excluding PCB)

Product Specifications:
● Mounting: Top Mount
● Typing Angle: 9
● Material:
   ○ Main Unit: Alu 6063 Anodized
   ○ Middle Piece: Alu 6063 Anodized
   ○ Weight Cover, USB Port Cover, Toblerone Bar: Stainless Steel (Sand Blasted)
      - For Amethyst purple: Polished USB Port Cover, Toblerone Bar hair-lined
   ○ Plate: PC
● Approximate Weight: 2.7kg (unbuilt)

Base Kit Includes:
● Case
● KLC Authcard
● Carrying Bag
● Microfiber Cloth
● Felt Deskmat
● Please note: PCB is not included

Optional Extras:
● Solder PCB
● Hotswap PCB
● Aluminum Plates
● CF Plates

Review and typing test video:
YouTube Link

For more pictures and information, please find below on the Notion page.
Notion Link

For faster updates and notice, please join KLC Discord!
Discord Link

Hope you guys like this board as much as we do.
Thank you.

Approved :thumb:


Lena is hot!



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