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FS: IBM Model F (Big Backspace Mod)


kill will:
Here is the link to the ad for which I bought the keyboard. I paid $100 + $80 shipping.  I know I overpaid.

I am willing to sell it at a giant loss for $80 + shipping to wherever you are.

Are you located in the U.S.?  Actually $80 is a bit high for me, but if you come down a bit I'd be interested.

Seems quite a few folks buy the AT's but find they're not to their liking, probably due to the different layout.  I spent years and years using them when they came out, so am very comfortable with the layout.  I already have a dozen of these, but wouldn't mind getting some more if the price is right.

Where are you located will?

kill will:
keyboard has been sold.  

thanks for the space gh

Daniel Beaver:


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