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Brand New KBC Pokers are here!

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I'm so sorry! this is meant for the classifieds section, plz feel free to move this thread.
New batch of KBC pokers just arrived this morning!

update: I've got a [strike]Red[/strike] no red left, [strike]2 Browns[/strike] [strike]1 Brown[/strike]no browns left and [strike]2 Blues[/strike][strike]1 Blue for sale[/strike]
everything sold.

$99 for the red, and $90 for the brown and blues.

and you pay the actual shipping cost, I'm shipping from east coast USA. I can do international shipping as well. just PM me for details.

some pics of theses babes on my living room floor, a Sprite box there for size comparison:

typed from my own brand new poker :)

how did you get it before iMav?

I am so confused

oops! why did I post in the group buy section!

meant to post in classifieds, feel free to move this thread iMav. This is just a normal sales thread.

and @ripster, no, I have no more pinkies left to cut off.


--- Quote from: noodles256;359950 ---how did you get it before iMav?

I am so confused
--- End quote ---

oh.. I placed a direct order from taobao, EMS'd 'em straight to me house.

hopefully this is just a test for iMav. Patience will get him membership in the triad and then we can order all the pokers!


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