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[IC] Klaxon Special Keycaps for 60%, 75% and Special Keyboards

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Those of you who have tried to use a standard Imsto or SP keycap set to replace the OEM keycaps on a KBT/Vortex/Choco Mini keyboard know that there are some "special" keycaps that aren't in the standard set.  This leaves us with the option of mixing OEM and custom keys or worse, dropping 1x keycaps onto 1.25 or 1.5 positions.

This Interest check -- conducted with the approval of tjcaustin and the Klaxon Group Buy -- is to procure matching solid Red and solid White 1x, 1.25x and 1.5x keycaps, (plus possibly other sizes) and then ship them blank or have them laser-printed to match the various keycaps needed.  (Surprising levels of demand could enable these keys to have other, better legend imprints.)

I have requested pricing for both solid Red and solid White to match Klaxon keycaps.

I believe there are ten special key profiles needed to cover Poker, Pure, Race, Choco Mini, and a lightly modded Phantom.  Heavily modded Phantoms and GH60s may be covered as well by these sizes:

Using SP DCS Profiles and Numbering:
Row 1: 1X, 1.5X
Row 2: 1X
Row 3: 1X, 1X with dot, 2.25X
Row 4: 1X, 1.25X, 1.5X, 1.75X

Here is a mock-up of a Race with Klaxon and some specials installed:

Race 75% with Klaxon RoW base, WoR mods, and Red Klaxon Specials.

Here are the Klaxon Specials I believe are needed by keyboard:

Poker 60%:
 1.25X Row 4 Qty 4

Pure 60%:
Row 4: 1X Qty 1, 1.75X Qty 1

Race 75%:
Row 1: 1X Qty 1, 1.5X Qty 2
Row 2: 1X Qty 1
Row 3: 1X Qty 1
Row 4: 1X Qty 1, 1.25X Qty 6

Choco Mini:
Row 1: 1X Qty 3
Row 2: 1X Qty 1
Row 3: 1X Qty 1, 2.25X Qty 1
Row 4: 1X Qty 4, 1.5X Qty 3, 1.75X Qty 1

Phantom ANSI125 with 5 extra keys:
Row 3: 1X Qty 2, 1X with dot Qty 1
Row 4: 1X Qty 2

My best knowledge as of 26-Dec-2012

Obviously people can make "extra-special" keyboards that will need more keycaps, but except for truly exciting GH60 and Phantom builds, I think the list of Keycaps shown above in red will cover all of the profiles needed.

My next step is to finalize the profiles needed for special keyboards.  If I have missed a keyboard, or gotten the details wrong, or if you know the special keys needed for a Pure or any other special keyboard, please reply to this thread.

Once I have the list of profiles everyone will need, I will do a Google Form to understand demand, and at the same time get pricing from SP.

Thanks very much!

 - Ron | samwisekoi

Yes! I need this for Race. At least 2a and 3b. Plus a 1x top row Fn key.


--- Quote from: jdcarpe on Sun, 23 December 2012, 13:10:17 ---Yes! I need this for Race. At least 2a and 3b. Plus a 1x top row Fn key.

--- End quote ---

Ok; I thought about that key, but there are so many top row specials in all of our collections I didn't include it.  Also, I use the Fn key (mostly) for Insert, and the actual Insert key fits.

But I'll add it to the Google Form, if this gets that far.


 - Ron | samwisekoi

Would definitely want 2a and 3b.

i would be interested in poker mods, 1b. but gotta check with my keycaps first.


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