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[IC] Universal spherical retro kit (standard, tkl, wkl. 75, 60, ergodox)

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universal spherical retro kit :)

Wondering if there's interest in a Signature Plastics DSA Spherical keycaps kit.

Compatible keyboards
The keys are all on the same profile, you can mix and match them in any way to obtain a variety of layouts such as:
[*]Standard ANSI+ISO (filco, wasd, leopold, ...)
[*]TKL (filco, wasd, ...)
[*]75% (noppoo choc mini, ...)
[*]60% (poker, ...)
[*]Winkeyless variants
[*]G80-1800 and G80-1865 (PLEASE VERIFY!)
[*]ErgoDox  (PLEASE VERIFY!)[/list]

What's inside

ABS, double shot, colors similar to C64 or retro style anyway. All standard legends to keep price low.

Please help me refine the additional keys, I certainly missed something. I'm uncertain if the number and coloring of blank and mod keys are correct.

What you can buy
The kit is split in 3:
1) standard TKL (approx: $60)
2) 10key numpad (approx: $12)
3) all the other keys (approx: I don't know yet!)

I'd like to order at least 50 sets

If we miss a tier by few samples I'd fill the remaining.

How does DSA look like?
DSA keys are not the "standard" keys you are used to. They have a spherical top, they are slightly shorter and they are all on the same angle (ie: you can relocate keys anywhere).

Here's a comparison

At the moment the preferred color scheme is WHITE ON COFFEE. The dark brown should be close to the following.

Just for color reference! The keys will be DSA spherical!

I'm evaluating adding some special keys in the same red showed in the photo.

But it's not written in stone. I accept suggestions in this regard.

Special keys anyone?
Would you be interested in a small number of custom keys?! (for esc, mods, arrows, etc) Keyboard would be fancier, but price would rise quite a bit of course.

Various notes
[*]No ISO DSA enter key. we can match the color but the key would be in a different family.
[*]Same goes for the spacebars. DSA family only has 6 and 8 units spacebars. We will be adding 6.25 and 7 universal spacebars in the standard DSC family which matches pretty well (but it's not the same)

Count me in for a set.

That spherical on the left in your image, is that SA or DSS? I was hoping for those. Do you have an image of the undersides of those 3? At least the taller sphericals (not sure about the DSA) are THICK ABS.

You know I'm in for a set of each kit.


--- Quote from: jdcarpe on Fri, 25 January 2013, 08:37:01 ---That spherical on the left in your image, is that SA or DSS?
--- End quote ---

Looking at it, it seems a SA row1 (because it is curved on the back), but I could be wrong. Anyway DSA is the only spherical with no angles (ie: swappable keys). Also SA doesn't have standard right shift.

Could we get some legends on the ErgoDox keys? I think there was a "default" layout and since all keys are the same height, everyone is still free to switch them around if they don't like the default.


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