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Rick, that's a great video!  I apologize for not being able to have gotten around to doing anything with the beta stickers yet... I've honestly not even touched my computer at home in 5 days now I've been so busy.

What I can say, is that comparing these to other stickers, the tolerances are MUCH tighter.  Sure, you don't get that 'outline' around your switch, since the sticker isn't quite as large, but that's because they fit better.  If anything, I find them easier to install.  I'll get some comparison pictures this weekend.

were the samples 2mil or 4mil?

Hey if you guys are going through wit this, just a suggestion to separate them in groups of 1/3 of a sheet of paper, and leave a tiny bit of space between the groups so that these vinyl sheets can just be folded and shipped in a normal envelope for 46cents. Demik's old GB for these cost only $4 for the sheet, but shipping was $6 even in the US. That was a bit ridiculous since they can't be folded.

I think I already mentioned that I was going to do them in sheets of 60 (sold per 120) so they'd fit in a regular envelope.  Cost me $0.63cdn to ship a set to Harrison to compare to his Korean ones. :)

Ah did didn't see it mentioned. You have two separate threads on these same stickers so I might have missed it.

I've tried to update both with progress, but I might have missed something. Regular letter mail to the US is ~$1.20cdn plus envelope, so shipping for a set or two isn't cost prohibitive. Haven't weighed a few sets together to see where the shipping tiers will be, and tracking will clearly be more. :)


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