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[IC] Transparent MX switch top cover --multiple color

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7/29/2013 Update
Samples will arrive today!  and Group Buy thread will be released soon

7/24/2013 Update

The reason why i decide to pack every 200 in one is that

200=104/105+87+some left over
200= 3*GH60 +some left over also

generally one bag will be enough for two boards.(or three small boards) there will be about 10 left overs in case if you lost or break a couple of them
7/22/2013 Update
200 pieces a package, will be around 80$ without shipping and PP fee

danielucf is going to do proxy jobs for me. say thank u to him.

7/19/2013 Update
This group buy is decided! will be on in a couple monthes due to manufacturing
There will be three colors available: MX RED, MX White and Transparent]
pictures will be provided ASAP

i am looking for a CONUS distributor who ships all of them for me, very thank you!!

Notice! i am only the North American Distributor.
Any buyer who is located in Korea, Vietnam.... except Europe, due to Policy i can't sell them to u, very sorry, but there is an Asia Distributor starting a GB soon 

hi, everyone
as we know, there are some rare switches with transparent top cover, most of them are black switches. i saw the last picture several days ago and i have one idea:

if we have a red steel plate, red switches, and a red aluminum case, WHY WE LEAVE THE SWITCHES BLACK :confused:??!!


i mean like this!

for one second, i think i am a talent  :p

Covers won't have cherry logo, but fit all the current MX switches

nothing has started yet, and i think i need to reach a minimum of 20,000
yeah, that is a lot.. but if everyone get 500, 100 of you will take 50,000 and they won't be expensive at all!!!!

and i am looking for someone hold this GB if it is a GB,

oh, ok.. before u get exciting,
please take one minute to fill in this IC form!
Attention! Colors such as "RED for MX Red" is pure unclear Red as same as the MX red switch, if u want transparent red, plz choose the transparent one

and see results here

--------------------------------------------ALL Updates--------------------------------------------------

about 5000$ to make a nice model for this, won't cost too much for just producing pieces
they are made of ABS, so far.

and i am thinking about making every 200 a pack, so it is just enough for a 87 and a 104. any good suggestion? tell me here!

ALSO, i want it be global, get my point? sell to Europe/ Vietnam / Korea !! so that it may be easier to reach the minimum.  Looking for host.


2/17 for silver, i am sorry there is no silver ABS. it also means, all ABS color is possible!

very thank you every GHer,
Best Regard,
i am one mamber of KeySign FacTory

This is real interesting.  I am in for a bunch of these.  I had the same idea actually, and I think many people are interested in this.  The only thing to finish this off are clear keycaps.

Turbo Slaab:
Clear keycaps so you can see the red below??? Yes please!

little update to the new form XD
and i fix the result checking
 thx everyone

what would be the difference between clear and transparent? is the transparent just frosted/textured?


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