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US Dollar and its relation to keyboards

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Well, why is the US Dollar declining?  If it keeps declining, I won't be able to buy the two Japanese keyboards that is highly sought after outside of Japan - HHKB2 Pro and Topre Realforce.  That's my logic.  Care to expand anybody?

We're in a long and meaningless grudge war which is being masterminded by an unpopular puppet-president. 'Nuff said?

Do realize that the dollar falling means that various companies are moving production to the US, both for US and export markets. (Car companies are big ones - IIRC, 100% of BMW and Mercedes-Benz SUV production is in the US, now, for all markets.) Even the domestics are moving car production out of Canada, because it's now cheaper to build cars here, even with all the UAW costs and such. (Which, IIRC, are lower than the CAW costs.)

I suspect this is only temporary, especially if we can actually get a president with a sound economic policy in office.

Besides, just think of it this way... now, it's cheaper for those in Europe and Asia to buy Unicomp keyboards. ;)

The Filco went up $6 since I ordered it not very long ago. And the HHKB Pros are now hanging around the $280 price point before shipping. I'm not going to buy any more foreign keyboards until the US is done going under.

better vote for Obama then


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