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Are you planning on buying any kit with you economic stimulus check?

Since the gov't borrowed the money for this from Japan, I think it is only right we give it back to them. I am an Apple guy, but a grand isn't even enough to get a full-size Apple sticker, and I'll never buy anything that says Dell on it, my only options are to buy Japanese or Korean products.


--- Quote from: xsphat;4160 ---Are you planning on buying any kit with you economic stimulus check?
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Apparently, the US government felt I was not impacted by the declining economy and has decided not to provide me with a "economic stimulus check".


I don't know how "kit" it is, probably not at all unless I can figure out how to control it over USB or ethernet, but three words from me in regards to the economic stimulus package:

"Sleep Number Bed".


Although with three of four kids counted on my tax return, I could get a nice new iMac with it.  Or a pimped blackBook.

iMav, you made more last year than I have in the last five. I wouldn't be too sour about it if I were you.

I have one kid, so my check will be pretty nice, and I am totally undecided as to what to do with it. I may get a new monitor that can do portrait mode and a Topre 91U, or a Mac Mini (go America) or one of those new hackintosh things ... I just don't know. I may just end up blowing it on chicken and beer, who knows.


--- Quote from: ashort;4162 ---"Sleep Number Bed".
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Two words . . .

Memory Foam


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