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[IC] Hammer's Titanium Spacebar & Modifier Keycaps Pick the FONTS!!

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Oh Feng.  It looks like time to choose which key-sets to dump for these babies.

I want them all for my MKC key-board.  Please let us know what Type Fonts you'll be choosing to engrave with.  Cherry would be superb but standard WYSE is acceptable.

These babies are going to be saved for  8) .

I want them all, Modifiers, Tab, Enter, Shifts, CapsLock, Backspace and a 7 inch Spacer.  Thank Hammer for doing this.

The_Beast  can complete his metal set. good~

But I want to make a Titanium RGB essentially AND I need a 7x Sandblasted spacebar :(

We need a 4th option, how else will I spend around $500 on Ti keys.

In the case of 1.5x mods will there be 1x keys to go with it?


Need all of it. Not just three! I want all titanium caps for one 84-key. Thanks!


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