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[IC] Military Rank Caps [Keys Of Our Fathers]

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If there is enough interest show here this group buy will be taken to the next level, so without further ado here is what's been organised so far.

I would like to turn these 6 emblems into 6 keys, on an Olive Drab Green background. I spent a lot of time discussing with BunnyLake which ranks to use and we decided upon these. With each order $1 will be donated to Operation Hire Our Hero's an organisation set up to help returning veterans find work back home.

These keys will be made using QWERKeys new UV printing method.

Where do we go from here?
1. I will create some basic Mock-Ups
2. More advanced/realist Mock-Ups will be made
3. GB will be created!


Step 1: Basic Mock-Ups

I would buy a set, if only because of the donation and wanting to try for myself how the new UV printing is. Is their an estimated pricing as of yet?


50 =  $18.62 a set
100 = $13.97 a set
200 = $11.17 a set
500 = $9.31 a set

Because payment price would be in GBP the prices will change marginally with the varying currency, shipping will be around the $5 area world wide (USA and Europe etc.) although more information is needed for area's further-a-field such as Asia and Korea.

There is also the $1 donation but these are how to the prices currently stand, subject to change.

Interest checked!

Not a military guy but they would look sick on a Filco Camo.


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