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Definitely interested in these as well!

thanks, but let's not worry about where I am for now.

I'm hoping to stimulate some discussion about where to get o-rings cheaply, as well as what people think are good types of o-rings to get. geekhack is great for bringing together people from everywhere!

for instance, somebody brought up silicon o-rings here. Now what's the difference between imsto's sillicon guys and the more standard black orings from Amazon and WASD?

O-rings come in various hardnesses. I believe that ones that can be found on Amazon are harder than the ones from Imsto but I can't find hardnesses of the Imsto rings.

Some more info can be found here. And WASD has set hardnesses that are mentioned in my review on o-rings and soft landing pads.

Alternatively, if you can find an orthodontist near you, you can try asking for the rubber bands they give out to kids with braces. Those seem to work as well.

And if you're looking to start a discussion, hopefully a mod can move this to keyboards or keycaps sub-forum. I think this is going to mis-lead people into thinking there's another GB or something.


Well, Iím hoping to stimulate something useful really, and of course I also want to buy. With fairly large purchases, it makes a significant difference between paying WASD $17.99, and paying some factory $3 for each bag of 125 orings.

For the orthodontist rings, the problem is they are not that lasting and are not meant to be. They turn yellow in under a year in a hot climate, then you have to remove them or they get nasty and sticky and eventually damage your keystems by sticking to them. Won't matter if you live in Minnesota, but matters to me.

I already have wasd o-rings, so if they're other size & other thickness, I'm interested.


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